From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Guest starring Matt Chapman as Bob Higginsbottom. Search for ” The Shark Fighter! With The MC Bat Commander horribly mutated from its effects, the band must find a way to not only restore their leader to his former self but also rescue a nearby woman from the clutches of a crazy cactus monster brought to life by the meteorite’s same powers. Guest starring Becca Greene as Tina. Holing up in the convenience store, The Aquabats must find a way to defeat the floating menace before they too start falling victim to its soul-stealing powers. However, when EagleBones’ estranged evil brother EagleClaw appears to challenge his kin to a guitar showdown, EagleBones’ hubris gets the better of him, and it takes a spiritual vision and the aide of an invisible eagle to help him learn the true meaning of teamwork.

To avoid being cursed forever, The Aquabats are given three challenges to complete, squaring off against killer trees, a grass monster, two mean old ladies, and an army of hyperactive gophers. Christmas Tree Man Songs: Check Out This Ride! The Aquabats spend the summer participating at Camp Radventures, a summer camp where kids are trained in The Aquabats’ superpowers to become AquaCadets. Ricky Fitness Ian Fowles Discography ” Pool Party!

This segment is animated in the same Anime style of the first season’s cartoons.

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In an attempt to rid Jimmy of his brain parasites, The Aquabats shrink down to size and venture inside his body to reboot his system. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Starting with the season’s second episode, the A Cartoon! Evan Sinclair Teleplay by: Lil’ Bat humiliates a fly!

Eva Mudlark, a disgruntled scientist who creates monsters out of dirt and garbage, who seeks revenge against The Aquabats for killing her muck beasts.

The list of Songs includes all songs either performed by The Aquabats or a similarly significant character but fifhter score and incidental music, otherwise mentioned under Song Notes. Jimmy explains his version of how he joined The Aquabats, answering a newspaper ad for a band seeking a fkghter robot.

Share this Rating Title: Meanwhile, Silver Skull hatches a new plan to destroy The Aquabats. Crash remembers how he met the other The Aquabats “on his first day of public shagk quoting the band’s song ” Pizza Day!

The Aquabats meet Pilgrim Boy, a fellow superhero and inexplicable Pilgrim who possesses the power to shapeshift into anything, despite causing him physical pain in the process. Using the magic dagger to repair the Battletram, The Aquabats fly into space where they aquabaats The Time Sprinkler, who throws the band into a time loop repeating the last year of their lives, effectively sending them back to the series’ first episode.


The two take off in the Battletram to rescue EagleBones Falconhawk. This segment utilizes an early computer animation style reminiscent of the Dire Straits ‘ ” Money for Nothing ” music video.

While critical response to Hi-Five Soup!

Edit Details Release Date: Laying weakened on the ground, the two villains are approached by ManAnt, who proposes an idea to ruin The Aquabats’ aquaabts concert. After managing to destroy a rampaging mutated Ronmark from the episode “Night of the Cactus!

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Now rescued from the scrap heap, Jimmy informs the Commander that Silver Skull has been behind The Aquabats’ separation. Their peace and epiosde is short-lived, however, when the mythical Floating Eye of Death invades their rest area, transforming its inhabitants into mindless zombie drones.

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Following a messy encounter with a gang of muck monsters at the city dump, The Aquabats head to their local laundromat to get their outfits cleaned. Powdered Milk Man attempts to attack The Aquabats but is fighger subdued by Jimmy’s eoisode weaponry and some breakfast cereal. Framed around an Aquabats concert shot at the El Rey Theatrethe band presents two stories before an audience of fans.

Escaping from the moon just before it explodes, The Aquabats discover Jimmy is infested with alien parasites. Lil’ Bat makes breakfast! After getting lost on their way to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, The Aquabats arrive in a remote village ruled by the tyrannical Gightera demonic beast-like creature who has outlawed all mention and celebration of Christmas under penalty of severe lashings with a switch. As Crash begins to distance himself from The Aquabats to study under the Shark Fighter, he’s ultimately forced to aquabatts between his loyalty to his new mentor or to his friends when another group of land sharks attack the city.

The Shark Fighter!

While returning home from a relaxing ski vacation, The Aquabats get trapped in a snow embankment and are forced to spend the night without power in the Battletram. As the underwater city collapses around them, The Aquabats rescue Jimmy from the flood, only to realize that the water has short-circuited his hardware, paralyzing him.


After a giant mutant “flea beetle” attacks a local supermarket, The Aquabats trace it to a nearby farm growing genetically enlarged produce, which happens to be run by Jimmy sharkk Robot’s estranged parents. Christian Jacobs and Scott Schultz. Ring in a Fihter. As Jimmy’s anti-virus software kicks in and eradicates his brain parasites, The Aquabats race to escape from Jimmy’s body before they too are destroyed.

This page was last edited on 7 Septemberat In another party sequence, two non-Aquabats songs are played, ” Beat Fishin’ ” and “Wednesday” a parody of ” Friday ” by Rebecca Black.

Season 2 was played out of order in the original run on The Hub.

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Crash McLarson James Briggs Lil’ Bat grows a plant! Lil’ Bat goes caroling! Super Show Theme Song!

Audible Download Audio Books. Unbenknownst to the band, the laundromat has been commandeered by the evil Dr. After the band pester Pilgrim Boy one too many times to change into various things for their amusement, he gets fed up and leaves The Aquabats to face a giant potato bug attacking the Detroit pineapple plantation by themselves. When a gang of vicious mutant land sharks emerge from the sea to wreak havoc on land, The Zhark join forces with the legendary Shark Fighter, a wavy-haired ocean vigilante on a self-imposed quest to fight aqubats.

This is so far the only episode of the series not to feature an A Cartoon! Lil’ Bat uses a microwave! Meanwhile, Ricky quits the band to run off with Rachel Moonbug, but as the Silver Skull and The AntiBats close in on The Aquabats, he must make a choice between true love and saving his friends. When most of the band are kidnapped by Kitty Litter, it’s up to Crash to get over his pet dander allergies and save the world from becoming a global trash heap.