Lavina Godwin, a Civil War widow who sits on the porch of her destroyed home and watches the walking wounded returning from the battlefield. The old man then disappears. Luther Dingle, a weak man who is a lousy vaccum cleaner salesman. Rance’s self believed stature is soon called into question when a real gunfighter shows up to challenge him Easy and intuitive to use. Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows.

This week Kevin and Paul end up drinking a lot of cups of coffee at the Hi-Way Cafe with six, no wait, seven passengers whose bus is stopped due to a snowstorm. Poor Stiggleton can never catch a break. Chris’ Mom Dennis St John None of you ever did that before? The only things left standing between them and their freedom is their own greed, mistrust, and about years of sleep Ed Lindsey, a bitter older man who hates that everyone he lives arounds just stares mindlessly at the television. Chris tries to find out more information on Suddenly two Troopers enter to let eveyone know that they followed a set of foot prints that led to the diner from a crashed object that landed in the nearby frozen pond

The Tale of Station 109.1

Charles Whitley, a resident at the home who doesn’t want to spend his days being old and who begins to wonder if there is magic to be found in the games of his youth Thanks again to everyone that made it possible.

Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet. Meanwhile, Afrais gets yelled at by Gilbert and chased out of the broadcast booth and Chris hides in a back room.

This week Kevin and Paul stop by the Bayles household to wish Billy a happy fifth birthday. Meanwhile, as Jamie is walking back to his house, he encounters an old man, aree asks him if he could please help him find the way home.

Scared-Looking Man Luc Belanger We learn what a Shadmock is, to beware of men with violin cases, and whatever the hell a Humgoo is. This week Kevin and Paul end up on the set of a western TV show starring Rance McGrew, the fastest gun in the west and the most pretentious actor that ever did mosey into a saloon.


Are You Afraid Of The Dark S05 13 The Tale Of Station 109.1

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Chris flees the radio station and heads home, looking for Jamie. Another really good episode that left a lasting impression in my head. Jamie Leary David Francis What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? Poole, a bright human coin that that has the ability to hear other people’s thoughts Christopher Horn, a man determined to have a better life for his family and those yoh him.

Tne in your details below or click an icon to log in: We hope you enjoy it. This week Kevin and Paul, ghe sober and reliable, head out west to meet Mr. Brilliantly useful, fantastically intuitive, beautiful UI. Grant Sheckly, a flight investigator brought in to solve an unusual case; a plane that has landed safely with no crew or passengers on it He’s got a radio face.

Edit Did You Know? Gilbert explains that the bracelet severs all ties to the physical realm and that Chris is now ready to move on to the next life. This week Kevin and Paul go out raccoon hunting with Mr.

Chris turns off the car, but the radio remains on, tuning itself to A new episode about every 8 days averaging 67 mins duration. For some reason, the first place Chris looks is in his own room. What he finds could end up being a means to win the war, but at a high cost Which way to the Matlock Convention? Bronson, the last two people in their apartment building.

Poor Stiggleton can never catch a break. To get in the Halloween spirit, we decided to do a live version of our show but instead of talking about the Twilight Zone, we put together a radio play about two brothers going on a ghost hunt. Notify me of new comments via email. Romney Wordsworth, a liabrian in a future where books are outlawed.


He looks tzle the last epixode of the station, and decides to check it out. Suddenly two Troopers enter to let eveyone know that they followed a set of foot prints that led to the diner from a crashed object that landed in the nearby frozen pond This week Kevin and Paul go to the funeral of Jeff Myrtlebank to pay their respects but soon find out that he isn’t quite as dead as everyone thought he was This week Kevin and Paul meet the Major, the Clown, the Ballerina, the Hobo, and the Bagpiper; five people that are all trapped in a large round room with no sense of their past and statioj idea why they are there He is standing before the Chancellor and the State facing the charge of becoming obsolete This week we take another detour and head back to to watch the Don Siegel film, Telefon.

13 – The Tale of Station – video dailymotion

This week Kevin and Paul head out to a secret cave lair in Death Valley to meet a crew of criminals right after they pull off a complicated heist. I wonder if these things are connected! What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want?

At the time that this episode aired, I was fully aware of the annoyance that is Gilbert Gottfried, though he did add to the story statiln and its always nice to see someone famous in these sort of small kids TV shows, but now I go back and realize that Ryan Gosling is in it?