I think she had commented on the review of the first ep of ZGH.. Up till now we were all theorizing that W will free her and so and so… I liked this twist better that she will free herself from this ridiculous bond. They did not explicitly say that. Her hair is a hot mess and its always in the way! The picnic scene with the servant watching again was totally out of sync with the drama. Like maybe use her two legs and just walk out! Even when he is rude to her he does not mean to be.

As can be seen in the clip above, Atiqa Odho looks so much younger than Hareem and Sanam do in their aunty type 50 shades of grey avatars. I do hope we see Mariyam Nafees in more diverse roles in the future, she plays Zarminey really well. We need more of these visual narrations…. Zubeida cannot bear to see Shakeel being happy with his wife and tells him many times to divorce her. His rudeness is a sort of defence mechanism and he repents later. And given their penchant for catering to the lowest common denominator, dont be surprised if yrs from now or perhaps sooner , our dramas start looking and sounding like this …. I thought back to how I had gone back to watching the first episode of Kuch Pyar ka Pagalpan three four times in that first week, similarly for Shehr-e Zaat, I watched that episode thrice that first day before sitting down to write a glowing review.

In my opinion, she is more of a mother to him than a wife. I guess its far more easier to get entertained than to entertain ppl… Entertaining ppl is tough no.

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Overall, this was a better episode than last week in terms of building dramatic tension. How easily she confessed to Ghazanfar without even thinking for a moment that she was still married to Farmaan. I have this image of a guy in the editing room with reels episodde old fashion film and a pair of scissors and sellotape.

Bari Apa – Episode 19

Somehow, somewhere, that X-factor seemed to be missing. All three are so useless and add no value to the play. Osman and Mariyam have great chemistry and theirs is the only pairing I really like in this serial so far. One of my faves! On editing, can we please get better, more imaginative ways of cutting up long scenes? Knowing k ab story will move fast as Suhaib death was turning point but khuadaya i can only laugh on my khush fehmi k things will go fast track… Ye tou itnaaaaaaaa detailllll me dikha rahe he… I am almost an inch away in loosing my internet seriously.


Learn to watch light entertainment for what it is? She does not give her husband any love or respect and still relies on Ghazanffar Emotionally.

Bari Apa – 1st Review – Desi Rants N Raves

When and how will Farman show his true colors? Whats the worst that could have happen! We had to many fillers scene. Budhde lagte hain bilkul… I too loved WeL. We need her fab gifs and her refreshingly fun comments to lighten up this heavy duty discussion. Q was calling MJ, insisting that she spend time with him. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I am just sooo bezzaaarrr. Sorry about the rant but I have just been rewatching Humsafar from the start and its frustrating to compare the editing between the two.

Choti apaa and the Bhabi are the ones I empathise with. Retrieved from ” https: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Is it too much to ask for a better edited episode next week? Her hair is a hot mess and its always in the way! When we do manage to get something like Jackson Heights, the channel manages to make sure it is stretched to test the limits of the viewers or as you put it in the finale review for JH, we get punished for watching shows like that.

I agree with you point for point. Apart from that, what stood out to me:. Rubia, I agree it seem so icky having relations with both uncle and nephew so I guess there is some twist there.

It is not a crime if you do little things to attract attention of your spouse or family members. Though he warns Neelam to tread carefully as far as his relationship with his vani is concerned, the truth of the matter is that he himself is very confused and does not know what to make of it. Absolutely love meri zaat zarrae benishan. Zubeida believes that Ghanzanfar is still in love with her and will leave his family for her so she demands a divorce. Hannah — I think she pretty much ruined it for everyone!

Neelum the character, not judging the actor on the other hand has not been devious till now. So finally the last episode of Bari Appa hit our screens last night.

I like Episoed Fazals script, because thee are wapa many bari apa type people in families, so very easy to relate to. I still think Wali knows who Qasim is because I find it impossible that Wali growing up with her and not having the slightest hint in who he is? If that brings some life into our Mj. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them to detail. What is the status of this marriage?


On the other hand I have a strong feeling that W is also playing a game here. I thank the whole team starting from the writer to the director to the actors for making this serial what is it today. Anyway I was so just disappointed with revew Talaak threat. Zubeida’s only daughter, Sharmeen Sarah Khanis in love with a man named Essa Fahad Mirza and wants to marry him but Zubeida doesn’t agree to the union. That would have been indeed fun and to say creative… Like Like. And how by going to the hospital is MJ going to achieve being with Q?

Diyar-e Dil ~ Episode 12 Review

The picnic scene with the servant watching again was totally out of sync with the drama. Umeed pe episods qaim hai. We have been allowed no space at all where we could empathize with Ruhi, what with her being portrayed as the ultimate villain. PG Well N is no heroine for me because this story is about Vani and Mahjabeen is the vani here and secondly N is no actor, she irritates me instead of getting my attention and sympathies, I avoid seeing her as much as I can and I do elisode know why the FB page of Numm is promoting Neelam so much, I am unable to qapa how Mahjabeen had given birth to Kasim and kept him under wraps so long for one he is a male heir, and belonging to this subcontinent this reviee impossible and secondly I am given to understand the society in which this story is set is fairly close knit for they have abided by the Vani ritual and if not so they could have hidden Mahjabeen the way they have kept her child hidden.

Notify me of new comments via email. We know her brother had issues with BS the gavahi etc that we heard abt previousy.