Is he a slowly having a mental breakdown due to the images he sees on screen that he believes he is becoming part of the film? However, neither Amer nor Berberian Sound Studio could exactly be called a giallo. The music throughout the picture recalls the early 70’s Italian prototype. Notify me of new comments via email. Clearly out of his depth, he’s further unnerved by working in a new country with no grasp of Italian. The question is if you are willing to enjoy the ride.

Now, there are some good things to be said about this film – Toby Jones as said sound engineer, about whom the film may be about or not as the case may be, is very good, and the use of sound is well done – but, having laid out a most promising situation, and apparently leading to a shock ending, the film suddenly disappears up its own backside. Yet when these films are watching by genuine, fee paying members of the public the reaction is totally different, and a completely – more real – idea of the film emerges. Well it was sub-Lynchian without ever coming near to the pleasures and terrors of an actual David Lynch film. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. I really liked your writing, and I look forward to catching up! You could also say it’s a bit of style over content, though I’m sure the director must have a plan in mind and could explain it all to you. Based on his previous film and now this, I have this filmmaker on my short list of talent that I expect he has it in him to be a leading voice a decade from now. First I don’t mind if you are going to make slow burner horror or anything pretentious.

In one trippy scene he sees himself on the cinematic screen dubbed into Italian being terrorised by a sexy giallo killer-witch. But near the end, the story lost me. He’s in Italy to record the sound effects for berbdrian horror film called “The Equestrian Vortex” and the experience isn’t doing him any good at all.


I felt sorry for Toby Young who gives a solid performance but the film just fizzles out.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. No, I’m afraid this is pretentious, self indulgent load of nonsense, loved by critics and wannabe intellectuals who think they can read much into such rubbish, but hated by the real cinema goer! The films director Santini Antonio Mancino hires Gilderoy Toby Jones tor, an English sound engineer who had previously sutitles on children’s television programmes and natural history documentaries.

I don’t think the filmmakers really cared to make a direct horror film anyway. The actual horror movie italoan never seen except for the opening credits which serve as the credits to our filmalways inferred from what we see of the sound-carpet being fitted, the screams and slashing sounds, and this is a crucial point: The movie is not really fun to watch, or really that rewarding, but a certain audience will find at least something to enjoy here, while everyone else should stay away.

Anyway I didn’t like it.

Both of them have the same problem. It’s an immensely stylish homage to 70’s Italian horror cinema. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here What I got was a mishmash – competent direction, decent acting, decent cinematography, coupled with completely hopeless plot and editing.

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The very exciting central concept of the film is to deal with graphical horror without showing any real violence on the screen. If you like self indulgent stylized films then you’ll love this. It really affected me that film.

Fill in your sounnd below or click an icon to log in: It possess an almost strange sepia tint, as if the proceedings have been desaturated. For some, it will bore. In the sound booth, actresses bitch about mundanities before the next sickening scream.


It’s one of those films that starts promisingly and just goes down and down. I watched a film with cabbages last night, The Master, but he was making them into moonshine. I was equal parts bored and confused by this dismally dull and possibly pretentious snooze-fest I watched the film over the course of three nights because I kept falling asleep and am at a complete loss to see how this has gleaned so many positive reviews IMDb current rating: By the end, bberberian protagonist’s psyche is inextricably mixed up with that of the film he immerses himself in.

Email required Address never made public. An irony was that, for a film so dependent on sound for it’s atmosphere,during the screening there was construction going on outside the screen.

The question is if you are willing to enjoy the ride.

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The culture clash is evident throughout, where the Italians just do things in a different way. Gonz42 30 March While familiarity with the exploitative ‘giallo’ genre and its far-reaching impact on modern horror cinema is not necessary, it is rewarding. Red-Barracuda 1 July It’s only weakness, as in ‘giallo’, sugtitles that as Gilderoy’s sanity deteriorates, plot seems secondary to sound and vision.

Peter Strickland’s film is set entirely in the studio of the title or in the drab little room where its ‘hero’ Gilderoy is staying.