The ending was very sharp and seemed quickly cut off as if they had run out of money for the shoot. I just watched it and while some of the reviewers criticize it for its simplicity and lack of twists, i would say that is what gives the movie its power. I’m old enough to remember being scared silly by Audrey Hepburn’s movie of the 60’s – a blind woman being terrorized for something her husband stole. She gets on her computer, which takes vocal commands. Also, if she could hear the guy on the balcony at the end, why couldn’t she hear or smell or feel a guy standing a foot in front of her? Often it comes out of the blue mostly just to shock you without actually having put real effort to make good use of scenery and atmosphere.

A film you can wait to see. Penthouse North Spanish theatrical release poster. Michael Keaton does a terrific job, but this is a generic mean guy role. Hollander has no problem scooping Shadow up into his arms. On New Year’s Eve, that auspicious time of year that buzzes with possibility, trouble comes knocking in the form of homicidal criminals in search of something hidden within the apartment. Monaghan plays a former photojournalist, Sara, who was blinded by a suicide bomber while covering a war and still suffers from PTSD. Sara is planning a party and goes out to buy some supplies when she is knocked over by a cyclist. But what it lacks in surprises it compensates with very good buildup of tension.

When she returns from buying liquor for the New Year’s Eve celebration she discovers that she is not alone in the penthouse, and Ryan is nowhere to be found. A phone she can keep on so she can be found, should she not be able to get out her address? I just watched it and while some of the reviewers criticize it for its simplicity and lack of twists, i would say that is what gives the movie its power.


Indeed – it does very much feel like a slightly better than made-for-TV movie. Too late she senses that there’s someone there. But what he stole – and from whom – is about to put her life on the line.

Kaniehtiio Horn as Blake. Filming started on December 7,in OttawaOntarioCanada.

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michaael Hollander sends Chad to fix him a drink while he takes Sara out to the balcony. That said, this isn’t a bad movie but is the type of movie you don’t have to concentrate hard on.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Watching, waiting, a man called Hollander has a different kind of party in mind. The story is about a war photographer by the name of Sara, who loses her eyesight while b,indsided assignment. Ruben teamed up with the screenwriter he worked with in Money Train, David Loughery, and if you thought the action in that movie was laughable just wait until you see Penthouse North.

The micharl in “Penthouse North” was fairly generic and predictable, but it still made for an entertaining enough movie. The acting is basic routine and feels like the actors know they are a part of a lousy film.

The plot is predictable, the michaell are stupid, and the performances are nothing out of the ordinary. Also the actors are doing an OK job.

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Yea, that was probably it. Use the HTML below. There are far better and exciting thrillers available, but “Penthouse North” is still worth giving a chance. First things first, and this is the most egregious of these examples, is the fact that Chad, knowing that he needs Ryan alive in order to find out where the diamond and the money is, goes ahead and kills the fucker.


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First off, why not look for the diamonds in the apartment? No sex or nudity.

Later, Hollander hurls the cat over the balcony. It just doesn’t have that much originality going for it.

This movei no sense, but then most of this generic thriller doesn’t make sense. Are there no blind actresses? A not very thrilling thriller, unconvincing blind woman act y Michelle Monaghan.

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If you need something to watch on a slow weekend this will do. Secondly, there’s the fact that Sara, since becoming blind, has mcihael some of her senses heightened Michelle Monaghan does okay, but these are all generic characters there blindsoded serve the predictable action.

A Lifetime TV movie, that’s what you get. Michael Keaton also has an important role in this film, but I don’t want to give too much of the plot away despite the twists being rather predictable. What we are left with is seeing if Sara, who is blind, can overcome two brutes who just might kill her if she gives them what they want. Ah, I see you are looking for a twist.