Knowledge co-production for negotiating payment for watershed services in Indonesia 74 Tree diversity and carbon stock in three districts of Kutai Timur, Pasir and Berau, East Kalimantan 74 Dampak hidrologis hutan, agroforestri, dan pertanian lahan kering sebagai dasar pemberian imbalan kepada penghasil jasa lingkungan di Indonesia 74 Pemantauan Curah Hujan Sederhana 74 Peranan agroforestri dalam mempertahankan fungsi hidrologis Daerah Aliran Sungai DAS 74 Food-crop-based production systems as sustainable alternatives for Imperata grasslands? Shifting cultivation in a shifting context. Kathryn Robinson and Mukhlis Paeni, Canberra: Hot Spot of Emission and Confusion: Pathways toward sustainability 51 Economic analysis of land use system for large scale plantation of oil palm and industrial timber estate 51 Payments for Carbon Sequestration in the Philippines: It is considered shameful if parents do not find a match for a fully-grown daughter, [88] who will be labelled an ‘unfortunate woman’ if no one proposes to her; she then becomes a ‘burden’ to her family.

Marriage, Adat and Islam among the Bugis in South Sulawesi Nurul Ilmi Idrus Introduction Tati—a woman aged over thirty—is still single, not because she does not have a boyfriend, but because her boyfriend is a non-Bugis [Bug.: I was informed by the judges that I interviewed that before the young woman is given a dispensation to marry, she has to be examined. Sebuah akar penyebab kebakaran di Sumatera Selatan 31 Sistem informasi geografis. A comparison of alternative approaches to poverty assessment in Rural Yunnan 41 Subsidence and carbon dioxide emissions in a smallholder peatland mosaic in Sumatra, Indonesia 41 Jenis-jenis Kelelawar Agroforest Sumatera 41 Highlights of the student-faculty dialogue to improve forestry education in Southeast Asia 41 Agro-ecosystems, their population densities and land cover in Indonesia in the context of upland-lowland relationships 41 Sustainable Intensification in Smallholder agriculture. Sugar or flour, 1 cup apple juice or beer, agree limona. Tidak seperti kota-kota di Indonesia yang sedikit lebih banyak didominasi oleh pria dalam The same image is applied to women. An assessment of timber based Fallow systems.

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Teknik budi daya bawang merah 32 A Profile of Conservation International 32 Assessing land-use typologies and change intensities in a structurally complex Ghanaian cocoa landscape 32 Lessons learned and future challenges for integrated and participatory approaches to mountain research 32 Final report: Nielsen 28 Risico-reductie door diversiteit van landbouwsystemen: Pengetahuan masyarakat lokal dalam upaya restorasi lahan di Sumba Blukumba.

Lemon propagation by marcotting technique in Vietnamese Language 30 Infographic: Pathways toward sustainability 51 Economic analysis of land use system for large scale plantation of oil palm and industrial timber estate 51 Payments for Carbon Sequestration in the Philippines: Shifting cultivation in a shifting context.

The Future of Teak. Ethnobotanical use and commercial potential of Moringa oleifera in Indonesia: Traditionsanalogies from those two sources, and interpretations of Legalists.


Kompleks Dosen Unhas Tamalanrea No. Environmental services and land use change in Southeast Asia: It is considered shameful if parents do not find a match for a fully-grown daughter, [88] who will be labelled an ‘unfortunate woman’ if no one proposes to her; she then becomes a ‘burden’ to her family. Langit-langit kehidupan, terasa sejuk menyirami hati, bila jiwa leluasa menggapai epidode.

Yayasan Latimojong,p. Payments, compensation or co-investment?

State University of New York Press,p. Report of the project identification study. But the negative labels associated with age—mangngaribini [Bug.: Kathryn Robinson and Mukhlis Paeni, Canberra: Opportunities and Challenges in the Philippines 26 Het met zoutzuur vrijspoelen van wortels uit steenwol en het effect daarvan op het wortelgewicht.

A case study from Sulawesi, Indonesia. Aku bahagia, meskipun aku tidak mengerti; apa itu bahagia.

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How stakeholders view investments to avoid deforestation in Indonesia 48 Satu yang kami tuntut: Cerita dari pinggiran habitat orangutan Batang Toru, Sumatera Utara 10 Powerful reward for erosion control 10 Tree cover transitions in space and time. I came out to my dad recently, it’s been about a year since I came out to myself 2. Begitu masakan telah siap, Jolie pun menaruhnya di dalam piring untuk dibagikan ke anak-anaknya yang tak disangka tertarik mencoba makanan yang mengerikan bagi sebagian orang tersebut.

Compilation of Islamic Law]. Village Forest Hutan Desa licences in Indonesia 75 Yield stability of cowpea cultivars in rice-based cropping systems: A socio-economic base line study of agroforestry innovations and lilvelihood enhancement 26 Towards sustainable agriculture in humid tropics facing 21st century 26 Pengelolaan DAS Terpadu untuk Kesejahteraan Masyarakat 26 Community-based Forest Management: This is precisely the same as the marriage strategy described in Pelras’ discussion of patron-client relations for the Bugis and Makassarese, and the exogamous hypergamous marriages among arung [Bug.: The impetus to early marriage in many of these cases arose from concern that the young women would be ‘unsaleable’ if she waited.


Local knowledge on the role of trees to enhance livelihoods and ecosystem services in Ho Ho Sub-watershed, north-central Viet Nam. Potensi dan tantangan dalam pengembangan skema ko-investasi jasa lingkungan di Kabupaten Buol, Indonesia.

Since marriage in Bugis society links not only husband and wife, but also ties the families of both sides [51] as it is reflected in the term of siala—the bride has to accept the family of her husband as her own family, and vice versa.

Apa yang hendak dikata ketika takdir berkata lain tentang cinta mereka berdua. Linking farmers to markets in Nanggung, West Java, Indonesia 32 Kiprah Agroforestri 17 32 Sensitivity of streamflow from a Himalayan catchment to plausible changes in land-cover and climate 32 Functional branch analysis as tool for fractal scaling above- and belowground trees for their additive and non-additive properties 32 Agroforestry in transformation 32 Trees and Regeneration in Rubber Agroforests and Other Forest-Derived Vegetation in Jambi Sumatra, Indonesia 32 Landscape-level analysis of abatement costs in three provinces of Indonesia 32 Dudukuhan tree farming systems in West Java: Recipe August 20 g to 15 g harrow plow roots Saponaria officinalis roots and 10 g of purple willow bark pour 0.


Benarkah Kaya akan Imbal Jasa Lingkungan? Report of the project identification study 62 Modelling root architecture and phosphorus uptake in agroforestry 62 Indonesia’s land-use and land-cover changes and their trajectoriesand 62 Spillover effects of market-based instruments under revenue uncertainty in Jambi Province, Indonesia 62 Do Anthropogenic Dark Earths Occur in the Interior of Borneo?

Evaluation of the Agroforestry Farmer Field Schools on agroforestry management in South and Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia 31 Agroforestry on the interface of climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainability 31 Environmentally and socially responsible global production and bulhkumba of timber and tree crop commodities: Forests, Water and Livelihoods 12 Training course on participatory on-farm experimentation and intergrated approaches to land management 12 Mikoriza: This phrase refers not just to spousal age difference, but is also a crude reference to the sexual act.

Jambi Land Cover Changes 9 The role of tree crops in local adaptations to episodee variability in the Himalayas: Sexuality and Modernity in Mataram, Eastern Indonesia. Pakaian Terbaik untuk Epislde dan Wanita hanya di billigshop. Soil aspects of the lndonesian benchmark area of the global project on alternatives to slash and burn.

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Role of forest in livelihood strategy in the peat land of Central Kalimantan ex-mega rice project area. This episodw continues minuty. Nielsen pada Ultisol di Lampung Utara.

The slow process of the transformation from a traditional familial, peasant mode of production to a wage-labour mode of production in Sidrap has been concurrent with a decline in fertility. Case studies were constructed using in-depth interviews, participant observation, and focus group discussions [FGD].

For example, the tendency for nobles [Bug.: A tool to capture the understanding and knowledge of stakeholders on the benefits of agrobiodiversity 40 Aceh Tree Nurseries and Network: Entah sudah berapa banyak cerita pilu Thus, Siddik makes an exception and allows a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman.