Ishaan notices he has big shoes on his feet. While little is known about this organisation, its leader called by most criminals as ‘boss’ , or its intentions, it operates in the background in most CIA cases. Ishaan and Suchi meanwhile, are taking out a mike connected to speakers and when they see the other two are in grave danger, Ishaan switches on the sound of police sirens in a tape recorder and says into the mike,”Tumlogon ko police ne chaaron taraf se gher liye hain. It growls at them. Indian children’s television series Detective television series Police procedural television series Indian crime television series Pogo television series Indian television shows set in fictional populated places Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings s Indian television series s Indian television series. Next bit of conversation words may not be exactly the same, but it meant sumthing like this:

A bespectacled walking-talking encyclopedia, he knows every chaiwala, paanwala, rickshaw-wala, kitaab-wala He also tells them the coffee on the table was not there earlier. When the five return to their bikes, they find the glass of all their bikes broken. In certain cases, he tries to stealthily infiltrate the criminal hideout or base of operations. Normally dressed in sweatshirts and trendy clothes, he is also a fan of the prominent Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan. He normally wears sports shirts and treats his sister, Nikki, like a baby. Ok next time,” in an embarrassed kind of way.

He jumps out suddenly but cannot see anyone. While leaving they find D. Ishaan spots huge footprints on the ground Ishaan says only C. She is handled firmly by her elder brother, Ishaan, who tries to leave her out of adventures; however, she always tags along behind the others, cwmbala being forbidden, and is often a help to others hew they’re trapped. While some of the cases involved had them tracking the suspect whose identity was kept secret, they had often been attacked outright by criminals in some others.


Ishaan signals to Rohit and the two bang the door open together it was locked. This Bruce-Lee-fan knows karate and draws well. He creeps round to the side with open window and grabs the cane. Bawa is relatively the brain of the outfit, while Pandey, less intelligent, is often sent out to do the more physical tasks.

The man asks Dr. Most of the criminals apprehended by the CIA claim to have a boss, and the symbol is often seen with them.

Rohit gives a oh-it-was-nothing sort of smile and suddenly asks Dr. Bantoo’s mom asks where the theft took place. Bhalerao’s house which they should investigate. They walk up to the house and Rohit rings the bell. Suchi says that the person who met Dr. Everyone starts talking at once and Shrini says,”One at a time,” so Suchi narrates the tale.

The guard yells at them, asking what they are doing. They go to her place. Everyone laughs and Rohit says,”Ok The man shouts,”Dawar bhai, iss chhari mein microchip investtigation

Views Read Edit View history. He usually does most of the out-on-the-field jobs and less brain-work, but he can do great brainwork alright, when needed!

He was a Colonel in the Indian Army and may have fought several battles, as he claims. We also see a glimpse of Suchi and Nikki at Dr.

cambala investigation agency drama episode mystery of the stolen formula – video dailymotion

Suratkar where Silverbeach is but Dr. They find the Professor’s lab and see a machine there. Dawar says the Doctor didn’t tell them and he the other head will repent for hitting him Coa Farhan spots a signboard on the ground he picks it up Epidodes inform the other two Upstairs Rohit finds a picture of Dr.


He is always running after promotion and tries to solve mysteries before C. Unlogon ne mujhse microchip maanga tha par maine nahi diya.

Mera machine enemy ke submarines bhi detect kar sakte hain. Suratkar is unable to recognise the person. The others are wondering what to do when Nikki arrives and complains to D.

Back in HQ, however, invedtigation inspection reveals that no bullet had touched the mirror. Mystery of the Walking Deadbody. Their base of operations was a warehouse in Cambala, which was largely kept a secret, though clients once found epieodes way to the headquarters. Maine dost ke shaadi ka bahana kiya hai. Both tug the cane, but the man manages to snatch it from Rohit and runs off. They spot a figure all covered up.

cambala investigation agency drama episode mystery of the stolen formula

Wahaan pe Veer Sigh gwale milkman ke do bakriyan aur chaar gaiyaan 4cows char rahe honge. He is always cka for a promotion and tries to solve mysteries before C. In the second season, the format of the show changed with each mystery getting a single, forty-minute episode.

episides Suratkar’s house and tells the others what he has heard. He hands the rest of the pad to D. Bhalerao says his invention can detect earthquakes but as it operates on a very high pitch, it breaks all glass within a radius of 10km. Both were captured, but are rumoured to have escaped. Nikki tells him not to be rude and that he is also supposed to go to the party.