In Porto Marghera reached its peak with enterprises for In this volume M. History of a complex in transformation Claudio Menichelli The Arsenale and its architectures from the origins to the mid-twentieth century The first documentary sources that can be attributed with certainty to the complex date back only to the beginning of the thirteenth century. The bar and restaurant each present an independent AHU for the ventilation. The recovered heat can be storage in four tanks with a total capacity of 20 m3. The lagoon environment has suggest- ed the use of the surface waters coupled to a heat pump as renewable energy source.

In this volume M. The area was built during the early XX century and was used for the Navy people. Las Atarazanas de Barcelona: There was a vast program of studies and research on the Arsenale that saw committed many of the teachers of Architecture. It can be assumed that there is a relationship between the development of the settlement and the events of the fourth Crusade. Do we want to remember everything? The theme is intended to enable efficient interaction between the parts of the city currently separated by the extended fortified boundary of the Arsenale. Ex-Otago – Siamo come Genova.

Among the several museums that have acquired parts of historical arsenals in Europe are Maritime Museums or Sea Museums where the new function is believed to keep guaranteeing a link with the water that in many cases is now far from the buildings they were once dedicated to.

This heat is used for heating or domestic hot water DHW production. The transformation of this building starts from acknowledging the architectural value within the internal space of the AP2 and the desire to enhance its strength leaving it free from structured use They can both be recognised from triczse path that leads to the outer north side of the Arsenale that runs along the Great Dock and also from the bridge placed beside the Porta Nuova Tower. The recovered heat can be storage ciema four tanks with a total capacity of 20 m3.

Only during the 60s and the 70s the Biennale Company really started to rethink itself – politically and culturally – and therefore rethink its relation- ship with the city of Venice building a complex reciprocal exchange which remains unaltered to this day. The whole perimeter of the bay is then equipped with spaces for leisure.


How to translate these beliefs into projects? When the chip and byte are transformed into art forms.

In this perspective the projects are either a synthetic answer to the morphological and functional questions of some parts of the city or even the occasions to show a method of composition based on analogy between figures. The first constraint is the terrain whose characteristics mean that loads applied to it must be reduced to the minimum. These new modern contributed to the shifting and the development of the traffic and the consolidation of many industrial activities placed in the western side of the town.

Cinema Casarano: programmazione nelle sale |

Each residen- tial unit is automatically excluded from ventilation grid in the absence of persons inside the room by two motorized valves installed on the local connections to the air supply and return ducts of the venti- lation grid. The access has two architectural spaces: In this period a rapid and intense process of legislative reforms began together with structural renewing of the Arsenal as well as of the commercial port which was aimed to modernize the maritime facilities of the old city in order to make them competitive.

Polesello in Controspazio n. He links the physical survival of particular elements of any built 1.

Cinema Casarano

In the functional program the insertion of some residential volumes facing on the north edge assumes a particular meaning. The industrial area was so successful that people talked about a further expansion in a third industrial area. The con- version project that will adapt and transform this Arsenale part to adequate it to the new Mo. A heritage legacy Eduardo Zurita Povedano, Michele Panella The architecture of sugar cane Sugar is the result of the extraction of sucrose from sugar cane and sugar beet.

In May of the new headquarters of the C. Among these are reported the work carried out by the Magistrato alle Acque di Venezia18 and the initiatives of the Navy.

Restauro e valorizzazione attraverso tre esempi veneziani. He made a thorough analysis of the evolution and implementation of the industrial complex. The outcome was the abandonment of a considerable part of the complex: Thus every area has an individual personality.

In the Same Boat. In addition the current European energy context is characterized by the adoption of the Renewable Energy Directive with the goal to stop the climate change causing by greenhouse trricase.


Sistemi triczse spazi aperti nei centri storici.

So they stopped the project of expansions. Instead the current state of things shows that it had always avoided the 5 the complete list of the designer is: The factory exploited an existing natural creek as a port to load barges that carried sugar to merchant ships anchored offshore.

Un film di Claudio Giovannesi. Therefore we wanted our site to be the place where the two pathways meet.

Madchester Sally Stone The character of any place is defined by both the buildings situated within the area and by the people who live there. It is interesting to retrace briefly the planning steps starting trlcase the s. Questa settimana al cinema. The project therefore places a new building alongside the existing factory where the various spaces defined by the functional programme for reuse are placed.

The Arsenale was basically spilt in two and lost for the first time its unitary character.

In summer heat from CHP can be used to produce cold by absorption machines or to con- trol internal trixase by desiccant systems. The strong acknowledgment of the urban episodes identified by the project is underlined by a planned formal simplification of the volumes that finds its reason on the measure and the comparison with the dimension of the Arsenale and its architectures.

In summer cold production is also possible by an absorption machine with a cooling capacity of kW. From this point of view the overall plan of the projects points out the attention reserved to the accessibility tricasr as one of the main important element for the reactivation of the whole complex. There are plans to open some pedestrian access points in the perimeter wall and also to construct two new bridges.

Segovia Barrientos F, In the background the Torre di Porta Nuova photo by C.