He had promised to come back. In the ship, the Captain gave him a job as crew,and Malin received the job. About Cerita Inggris Indonesia. I am afraid if Maling not come back. Pertama kita baca terlebih dahulu lalu setelah itu kita sesuaikan pemainnya, bisa ditambah dan bisa dikurangi sesuai kebutuhan. Kalambe, The mother was really angry with maling, and chase away Maling from their house. Just relax mom, I will talk to Dayat,Dayat will watch you until I come back to home. Mom tired for waited Malin came back.

I need to go now. Hey,, it is mine,, not yours.. My mother isn,t dirty like you!! She is always wait you to come back. Anonim 20 November If the Mom know about this news, she was happy. Anonim 31 Januari And You Dayat Please take care my mother until I come back.

Beritahu saya pos-pos baru lewat surat elektronik. But, she is calling your name. They are very happy. Who knows I will momedi a rich man. Malin leave away from the village immediately. Give him a reprimand, indeed He is the rebellious child! I like her and I must marry her. Maling, come here, help me kundwng carry this firewoods. Designed by ket qua bong da.

Wait, how u can know that? Hey, it is mine, not yours.

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Maling Kusang is coming with his wife, and he become a richman. I really thanks for that. Oh, of course old brother? Can I take a rest here?


I am afraid if Malin not come back.

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Naskah drama berikut bisa diubah sesuai kebutuhan kita yaitu menjadi bentuk naskah drama 7 orang, drama 8 pemain atau bahkan naskah drama 9 orang pemain bahasa Inggris. Ada yg tau ga? They are very happy. Dayat saw Maling in the harbour. Her mother rushed to leave Then the mother crying sadly, children who were born and exalted did not admit her. I need to go now. She is very beautiful,come here!

In the ship, the Captain gave him a job as crew,and Malin received the job. Drama Bahasa Inggris Maling Kutang. Malin dragged his mother be rude until his mother drop down. You are commenting using your Twitter account. After take a journey in a few hour, they arrived and tie up on the harbour.

The awaited day for his mother has arrived. Look at my eyes. Yesterday, he had stealed my handphone. You look so confused, Do you want to know about what happened to you?

One day, his mother kalambe was really shy. I never see u before. I had say to you that I have no one family anymore. Okay, thank you for that.


Ship,crew and his wife sunk down to boottom of the sea. This is your mother, malin. Silahkan baca mana yang anda suka, terima kasih telah berkunjung Maling kusang, I already know about you town, ur life, and ur family.

He worked without know tired. Who are you oldman? After pushing his mother away, Malin came back to his ship. Malin home mom, she trimmed in port! Ok, wait a minute. Bisa dilihat, naskah ini merupakan ubahan dari drama Malin Kundang bahasa Inggris yang dirubah sedikit sehingga ada kesan lucunya. If within 3 days Ningrum not wear it then you have to repeat the ritual.

Okay my husband, I agree with you! Mom tired for waited Malin came back.

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I can buy everything with my money. Princess was confused and little angry, because Maling was lie with her.

How Ningrum could be my wife? Maaf yah tapi ini saya dapat source dari komeddi dan saya perbaiki jadi lebih baik.