Kaji, I’ve changed haven’t I? Both Evas have reached the bottom. Women exist on a shore opposite our own. Nobody can attack the holy domain. Yep, and my figure has filled out, too. Well, she has seen hell. Don’t you mean other people?

If it’s not an inconvenience I have some melons which I’ve been growing. No, it’s eroding it. Send Unit 01 to intercept. The main experiment is scheduled for the 13th of next month. To open the seal in this world would be catastrophic. Convinced that Gendo is implementing his own plans, they set out to wrest control of the projects and capture Eva Unit

Papa is not here, so I must be a good child and help Mama. This unrated feature, suitable for ages 17 and older, contains considerable violence, profanity, grotesque imagery, and sexual situations. You’re Commander Ikari’s son aren’t you? Looks suspicious to dubtitles It is my final request No, I mean myself Everything has it’s place in the course of things. We’ll have enough time for preparation. If at any time Unit 01’s signal should disappear Violence, brief nudity, profanity.


Mr Kaji, you always seem to be with him.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth (1997) subtitles

I’m saying good morning to you, put on a happy face! Ikari, the traumatized Shinji nearly catatonic, and a reawakened Asuka fighting Seele. When you arrive in Japan, you’ll be able to have lots of new boyfriends. Yep, and my figure has filled out, too.

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It’s just that I hate my father. You won’t pilot it? But, even more so, she thinks she was beaten by Shinji. If I’m not here the AT Field evangeliln collapse. Amidst layers of subterfuge, and the competing agendas of secret government organizations each seeking to manipulate the children and their Evas for their own ends, Shinji, Rei and Asuka must each come to terms with their past and unearth their own identities.

Am I a good child? It’s because he’s never spent any time with me. You’re running away from your own happiness. I barely speak to her. I prefer evagnelion be alone. Lots of people are nice to me!


People cannot perfectly understand each other. There we will wait for an opportunity. Shinji, you should know her better than anybody. Synchro graph is at For me there is nothing else on this Earth. Come, give me freedom. Is this part of your scenario Commander Ikari?

The ones in here are dummies. Rei is the vessel into which a soul was placed. I know what I’m doing.

I never came back after that. Well, as you can see That’s why I say you shouldn’t be the test subject. Ayanami, didn’t you sacrifice Unit 00 to save me? I’m just wondering why she’s always alone