After the death of a pujari and his daughter, who had dared to tread the paths of ‘Thandi Sadak’, this place has been abandoned by every resident and visitor. The couple is left horrified when the girl gets pulled below the water by a ghost. Later, the villagers meet the village panchayat and pester him to get the house burnt as it is evil. But the car loses its control soon. Fear Files – – Episodes When she starts to exhibit signs of ageing, Mona tells her about Rajitha, to whom something similar had happened. Later one day, she comes back from the college and hears a male voice calling out to her as Sunaina.

The high- octane thriller series will see a new story of fear every episode, where the characters will be exposed to the darkness of the diabolical mind rather than just physical harm at the hands of demons. Stay tuned to know if Aamir survives from the evil spirits and escapes from them. The station master sits at a station named Janakpur junction and he tells anybody who gets down on this station, would never return back. Nisha asks Shekhar’s mother to close her eyes while she applies dye, to which she agrees. The witch uses this opportunity to free herself and create chaos. As expected, both Lalan and Bittu meet their end and the men of the village stand horrified. They visit an isolated island Katara. The story initiates with an old hag chanting spells and using her knowledge of witchcraft.

They visit an isolated island Katara.

Ranging from chronicles of possessed, vindictive lovers to forays into some of the most legendary haunted places to exploratory accounts of undefined identities that possess the human body to stories tasveereinn unravel the truth behind paranormal activities, this season of Fear Files will explore the myriad facets of fear.

His seniors rag him and lock him inside a lab.

Raghu Kaka tries to stop her, but is overpowered by her evil powers. A resident of the city warns him about the ruined 2t8h and asks him to stay away from it. Javed is given a night’s time to save his family from the ‘Jinn’ that has taken over the house or else it will be brought down to episodee. The high- octane thriller series will see a new story of fear every episode, where the characters will be exposed to the darkness of the diabolical mind rather than just physical harm at the hands of demons.


Later, the neighbour Sumithra traps the boy and places black magic on him. Soon, to Pratibha’s sheer terror, Rahul falls prey to the same evil entity! The baba reveals that this witch can only get free if she recieves a blood of a specific person. Then starts the story of Heena, who is married to Javed. Nandani and Nikhil wanted to invest and build Hotel Heritage in the palace but now they are not sure. Tonight in another horror-filled episode of Fear Files 2, the story revolving around witchcraft and black magic is revealed.

Later, a harrowed Pratibha viles approached by an ascetic Vani, an expert in ‘Kinnari Sadhna’. We get to learn the story of a witch trapped in an abandoned bungalow by a baba. The girl’s brother consoles her and listens to her story and when he goes to check on it, he neither finds the lady nor the wheelchair.

Fear Files

But you cannot hide In her quest, Reema steals one of the dolls from the tree and takes it home. Its haunting acts traps the entire family.

Years later, the same boy, now a man, revisits the city with his friends to get take them on a tour of the ruined house as it is very attractive to him.

One day, Sohan witness something unusual happening when he is tasveereiin his bicycle.

At the same time, a girl is seen cleansing herself in the same river. More Videos spisode Fear Files. But, their happiness is short-lived as the doll escapes from the Sadhvi’s clutches and possesses Palak again! What is the story behind this water ghost?

The post man reads the letter, which state to pass this letter to hundred people otherwise the reader would have to undergo bad times.

A child is seen sleeping when a supernatural force pulls his blanket off. When the couple decide to beckon the spirit for some answers, the ritual backfires on them.

Jigar has nightmares about Karan being carried away to his funeral and experiences supernatural occurences. Tonight in another horror-filled episode of Fear Files 2, a story of an abandoned and ruined house is revealed. Next, she gets possessed. It is said that some 40 years ago, people used to not only fear the evil spirits but there are large number of cases where people have seen them as well.


Vidya accuses Sharda of hiding the truth behind Mahindra’s celibacy. The story unfolds when the ghost seen by the girl is that of her friend’s husband, whom they have supposedly killed. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On.

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Now the ghost of this snake starts haunting a family. Her friend, Mona, gets her a job at Kaya Kalp, a popular beauty parlour owned by Kamini. A man unfortunately visits the same bungalow dqr the witch is locked up at. Keep watching to know if Akash understand the situation and prevents any further deaths. Unfortunately and horrifically, his bag containing the ‘Lehanga’ opens up by itself and the ghost dressed in the very same dress kills him. However, later Pratibha is aghast kk realize that Vani had defected to the evil side.

How will this little girl’s spirit find peace? Tonight in another horror-filled episode of Tasveerrein Files 2, a story of a ghost that causes an accident of a family is revealed. The story starts with a woman meeting a black magician, who grants her the power to communicate eipsode evil spirits.

Tonight in another horror filled episode of Fear Files 2, a story of a haunted red bridal dress is revealed. She meets Kanchan, Ko ex-wife, who tells her that she too had similar experiences. Next, Nandini reveals a side to herself to an unexpecting Aniket. Vedika guesses it to be Tanya, Ayush’s ex-girlfriend. Nisha wants to conduct an experiment that can give an out of the body experience. On the other hand, a girl witnesses a bad dream involving her own doppelganger scaring her out.

Fortunately, her husband is able to save her.