Meanwhile, Eve, Monroe and Rosalee try to decipher the symbols on the cloth that covered the wooden shard, discovering it is an astronomical map that points to a future date. Views Read Edit View history. Empire and Blacklist finales lead the week of May 16—22″. Vampire Diaries , Originals and everything else unchanged”. Retrieved June 6, The season consisted of 13 [2] episodes. Rosalee’s life is in danger when a group of orphaned Wesen children — Peter, Lily, Big John, and Miguel — in need of a mother-figure to guide them, decide that Rosalee fits the bill.

Weston Steward Philip Anthony-Rodriguez Nick, Hank and Wu investigate a series of murders, one of which in a local nursing home, which leads Monroe and Rosalee to inform them about euthanasia being practiced in the Wesen community in Wesen with dementia, by the way of an insect Wesen called the Gevatter Tod. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A little late to arrest them for DUI. Empire and Big Bang Theory lead for April 18—24, 5 shows double”. Elsewhere, Adalind Claire Coffee takes measures into her own hands, even if that means forging a dangerous alliance.

They are fighting Black Claw, the organization coordinating the global Wesen uprising. A murder and the discovery of a body in a park lead Nick and Hank to an insect Wesen that emerges from the Earth every seven years for 24 hours.

When she wakes up not the dream sequence, although it happens there, too the throw is neatly over the back of the sofa and trubsl not covered. Meanwhile, Adalind grimmm offered an opportunity to reunite with her missing daughter, Diana. Nick, Hank and Wu investigate the case of a poacher who claims that his friend was killed by a tree-like monster, and they soon find more unexplained disappearances in the same forest.

List of Grimm characters. Afterwards, Meisner, with Adalind’s help, convinces Nick to trust him; they rush to the hospital and save Trubel from a group of Wesen chanting “Occultatum Libera”.

Grey’s AnatomyBlindspotJane and Quantico top week 24″.


‘Grimm’: Jacqueline Toboni, who plays ‘Trubel,’ was cast while still in college

Retrieved April 18, Weston Steward observes the two of them from a distance. She then proceeds to steal a pair of sneakers from a store, attracting the attention of a female delinquent, who threatens her, revealing she is a Skalengeck. Nick Burkhardt Russell Hornsby Nick and Monroe find Felix’s trunk and take it to the spice shop.

Nick follows her using the wooden stick and they end up in a strange land resembling the Schwarzwald Black Forestwhere Wesen and primitive humans fight and cannibalize each other. Retrieved January 17, Retrieved April 4, Meanwhile, the team makes sure that Nick’s plan will come to fruition. Benito is a Wesen called Vibora Dorada a version of Xipe Totec adapted by Santeria priests who owns Benito’s Masks; some of his masks are endowed with special powers.

Nick stays behind to fight while the others escape through the tunnels. Toboni has made Trubel a complicated, prickly, sympathetic character, and Nick has taken her under his wing, explaining what it means to be a Grimm, and reassuring her that not all Wesen are deadly.

Grimm (season 6) – Wikipedia

Meanwhile, Meisner and Trubel go to Diana’s safehouse; they find that she was taken by Black Claw as leverage to convince Tgubel, Adalind and Nick to join their cause. Retrieved February 5, Eve, who continues to monitor Adalind, learns about Diana.

Retrieved December 21, Big Bang Theory and Blindspot top week 6, Quantico doubles in and viewers”.

Retrieved February 27, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nick and Hank find a vital clue in a fairly recent missing-person case. Renard asks Nick to meet him at the police station, where he admits to having Adalind, Diana, and Kelly, as well as working with Black Claw, but insists that Nick should also join them.

Jacqueline Toboni

Retrieved April 5, The episode aired on April Nick, Hank, and Wu investigate the boneless body. Retrieved February 1, Views Read Edit View history. With Hank and his partner in pursuit, it becomes evident that these killings are somehow related to a mysterious secret society. Nick and Monroe arrive at the spice shop and open the chest with Rosalee, Hank, and Wu present, finding an old shard of wood wrapped in a cloth.


Suddenly it becomes quiet, and they find their attackers have all been killed by someone who bears an uncanny resemblance to Juliette.

Jacqueline Toboni – Wikipedia

Retrieved April 6, Nick believes the treasure could be found. Retrieved 7 May While visiting the spice shop Adalind is threatened by Rosalee’s ex, Tony, causing her Hexenbiest powers to return. Eve finds a spell to walk through the mirror.

While investigating an assassination attempt against nightclub owner Frankie Adkins, who was saved by a mysterious Wesen, Nick and Trjbel stumble onto the archaic Wesen tradition of Maagd Zoektocht, by which a Weten Ogen a lynx-like Wesen pits three suitors against each other for the hand of a maiden.

Richard Hector Dunn Aaron Trainor When they visit the relatives of one of the victims, Nick trubdl that they were Wesen, and that only a dangerous killer would have taken down such criminals.

Filming for the season began on July 7, Retrieved January 30, You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

And I was thinking that’s amazing, but if they’re such a tight-knit family, I was a little nervous about coming in and breaking that up — as Trubel tends to do. Eve asks questions to Adalind that only a Hexenbiest can give.

Retrieved March 14, Eve uses blood magic to cross the mirror. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In addition to detailed catalogs of Wesen, the books contain Grimm family trees, including Nick’s ancestry.

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