Entertaining, utterly enthralled, about time Season Two Episode 49 onwards should be seen or let us know when please please please this is just so fascinating. Netflix, please we need the season 2 and 3 please. Click of Help Center 4. Lilyanna Ruiz July 13, at 4: Need to request through your Netflix acct! I need them to load the rest of the seasons ASAP.

Later helps her escape, but she is found by Ibrahim. I am so hooked with this series. Suleyman releases her ad when he goes into her chamber she tells him that she cannot sleep with him because she is a free woman and her religion forbids it. Oh I am crushed Anonymous October 18, at 4: I got a message saying that while they love to hear our request that sometimes they just can’t get certain shows, then told the reasons why. At Validas request, her niece Aybige comes into the Topkapi palace in order to protect her from the power struggle in the Crimea between her brothers.

Anonymous November 25, at 5: Im slowly learning a new language watching this lol.

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I really hope that they get it. Anonymous November 4, at 6: Unknown July 31, at 3: Her father is not pleased and he makes her leave town. June 24, at 4: During the rebellion organized by Validas spy Fatima is accused of stealing gold. There is another on Facebook but I cant remember how to get to it. She faints and they take her into her quarters to rest.

Bali Bey Sultan saves her and Suleyman decides to marry her. The greater part of people loves to date with a young lady who they have went with at any rate for an once. Need to request through your Netflix acct! I never ever watched soap operas in my life until this! Anonymous April 18, at 2: Suzanne Leisman November 14, at 9: Valida learns of Ibrahim navjeru with Nigar tries to send her away. Go to Netflix Homepage 2. When Suleyman returned and found out what happened.


Yes, am hooked on saisn show! Isabella falls in epsiode with Suleyman and goes to the harem. It’s better than not having a clue what happened in the missing episodes! Spanish princess Isabella and her maid are kidnapped by Turkish pirates and sold to Suleyman. Everyone needs a piece of extraordinary time and the greater part of the occasions goes in way that are constantly kept in the most profound recollections.

I loved the first season, tried to watch 2nd season in you tube but they only have few chapters. Request season 2 by going to your account on Netflix, the help center, then down at the bottom chose “quick links” then “request movies or TV shows”.

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Arman Navarro December 20, at 4: Graf Graf May 15, at YouTube doesn’t have all of Season 2 or Season 3. This is driving me crazy having to go on YouTube trying to find the episodf series because Netflix is only purchasing one season when there are 3 or 4 seasons. Unfortunately there is a massive gap in season 2 on youtube – there are about 10 English subtitled episodes and then 10 which are not subtitled.

Harem El Sultan 2.

At the age of 17 years Mustafa returns to Topkapi to be with his father. Netflix only has Season 1. Valide dies and Suleyman gives Mahidevran to manage a harem. I don’t know if they will put them on. Click of Quick Links one the right of the page 5.


Harim soltan 1 ep 47

Add me to the list of avid watchers, I can hardly believe that there is no season 2 on Netflicks, OMG I am going to be in withdrawal for so some time to come. Anonymous November 6, at 9: I got a message saying that while they love to hear our request that sometimes they just can’t get certain shows, then told the reasons why. I want to purchase harm episode Julieanne Mason November 30, at 8: I have watched four Turkish Dramas and have had this problem with every one of them.

I am the fun who loves the make most out of each moment. Unknown October 22, at 5: I am not the girl who is in the last minute finagling of a date.

I need them to load the rest of the seasons ASAP. She decides that she will not lower her head in front of Hurrem.

Thank you again for writing this up. Get the rest of them It is cruel and mean to get us so hooked on a show ans leave us hanging for the next season. Mustafa went soltwn Manisa. Ali Castro November 19, at Yes if you need the dismissal for duo.