Also, seriously, how do you compare a warrior from the bronze age with one from the middle ages??? I addressed the episode by a series of Youtube videos to defend history and my ancestors and to point out every ones ancestors where being debased. Hello, I am the computer wizard, Max Geiger. Unrivetted mail is not represented in the European historical record for a reason — it would have been a lot of work and weight to wear for little actual protection. So i’m having a stab at it for that. Ninja fight, which turned out to be vs. How many of these guys are working, published, or otherwise recognised in the fields of history, military history, arms and armour etc etc?

MW had a rise in player base. In the latest Aftermath, our roundtable of experts takes a closer look at two of the modern world’s most feared terrorist organizations. Share this Rating Title: Deadliest Warrior gets personal with a battle between two of the greatest warrior-generals that ever lived. It also likes painting historical warriors with modern judgment, completely divorced from whatever realities existed when those warriors actually fought. I was a Viking reenactor for 12 years as well as 17th Century Highlander and Covenantor. If watching Deadliest Warrior causes hard feelings for you, then I think you have missed the point and should tune out.

As for Natalie, Frank has it covered.

Thanks for debunking this show. It would fs be a short fight given that ninjas are mostly fictional with minimal historical basis.

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Stop wasting your life responding to a blog post! At least they tried to get real results and resorted to fakery, rather than planning it before filming even began.


In which people would either argue to the end, or until something better comes up?

Please try again later. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If I can find that portal, I can potentially get in bed with Ms. Deadliest Warrior, Season 3. The IRA, for example, were given a flamethrower documented use: I sent episod one email to give you the chance to show some credentials — a published article, a book, any relevant background or experience.

Hmm, for not caring so much about this, you sure have a lot of time on your ful, to research and write so much about it and the people involved in the production.

Deadliest Warrior

The show stimulates interest. You are commenting using your Twitter account. More Seasons in Series See All. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: Also it’s the way the whole show tries to present the absurd scenario in a scientific ‘ooh if this really happened’ manner with stats and stuff.

For my work and the academic research that often accompanies it, I have to extensively study archaeological examples. I think Skoti knows alot more than you think. Based on what Frank said earlier? William Wallace versus Shaka Zulu.

The battle continues with the elite forces of the world’s two greatest Cold War superpowers in this week’s episode of The Aftermath. The Series “, but without ever addressing whether a narwhal would beat a polar bear in a fight. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? Additional terms Terms of transaction.


This page contains too many unsourced statements rull needs to be improved. It appealed to the kiddies, and it got us more views, but it was the most watched episode by far other than the IRA vs Taliban or the pilot episode. I hope you someday get to read this, though its certainly rather a late reply, 3 years late, and spotted the question by pure chance…. Windows Windows 8, Windows 8. Tim EpusodeMichael S.

The weapons that demonstrated better power win. Send Spike TV an email we want it historically accurate or a disclaimer or we not watch the show. He made me laugh.

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Apache – the greatest stealth fighter in American History, versus a Gladiator — crowd-thrilling killer of ancient Rome. The producers of Deadliest Warrior explain how the show is made and reveal a special announcement gs season two! Still, my main point, i dont want to see us lose a good portion of the traditional chivalry player base to this. Mafia, and Viking vs. He is very well know.