One Night by yuuki reviews For one night, toss away their titles and allow them to indulge in normal lives, burying the horrendous sights they have seen and indulge in the darkness and the moon. M – English – Chapters: You could get her to do any other activity, but not swimming. Cheaper by the Dozen – Rated: Instead, he pulled his other hand out as he gently caresses her short brown locks. This so happens to be my favourite episode of the drama because You Qing and Da Ren gets to be together! Love triangle by Professor Soul reviews Maka runs into a problem when she realizes that she has feelings for both Soul and Kid. Instead, Stein is the one Maka dated with.

I really like that they get to be together in the end. But he doesn’t know they’re one in the same. What happens when Torhu almost dies? Sleepless Nights by JustMe reviews When Casey finds herself swept off her feet by a certain annoying stepbrother, can she keep it together before everyone finds out? Will Hatori tell all? Neither did he imagined meeting a Kurosaki girl with a potential. Derek Hale has something he needs to say about it. Neither of them expected what was to come.

Free Falling by Akira Sage reviews Why is it that the most innocent things in the world cause the most blood shed? They live like any normal couple would, occasionally giving each other silent treatments.

Basically he flips, because he thinks she’s wearing it for another guy. Mostly comedy and some romance KyouheixSunako oneshot Wallflower – Rated: He then quickly disappears into the bedroom.


T – English – Humor – Chapters: So is it a basically a Maid-Sama 2?

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This is just a scene I wished it had in it. He was worried, but she was too hard-headed to see that he was only doing what he did because he honestly cared.

This complicated things more than he was willing to admit. Notify me of new posts via email.

The Pool Incident by xnightdx reviews Akane always hated swimming. Especially since Izumi Miyamura is not the dreamy kind of guy one expects popular and bubbly Kyoko Hori to fall in love with.

He finds her and tell her that his principle is that in this life time tokyl will never leave her life. Changed rating to M just to be safe. Secret relations causes definite changes by anythingforl-l-love reviews Sequel episove Interesting Observations.

Could the two possibly form an alliance? Make Him Pay by azkabcn reviews Telling Trixie that her father has been jailed may be the key for Chloe to start believing in the devil. Learning to Live With It by Foxes-Rock reviews Nanami Momozeno was a normal high-school student; That is until her mother is taken away by a horrible accident and her father leaves her behind two itazua later.

When they set out on a mission together along with others, she gets closer to finding out. This just tells that a girl and a guy can maintain a platonic relationship, or maybe not because because Ping An likes Ling Kai and Ling Kai just gets jealous.

The story is better than the summary. Come along and enjoy the adventure with me and all my new friends!


[Eng Sub] Kiss The Series EP.13-2

Rated T for sexual themes. Weird, but it does give him nightmare-free sleep. Ichigo in a neko-maid’s costume for Grimmjow’s birthday Death by a Smile by wanonymous reviews He is, although, scared of Sunako’s smile. Is it so wrong if I fantasize things about you?

Cheaper by the Dozen – Rated: You’re disturbing the peace of Namimori with your ridiculous brain. P Soul Eater – Rated: Flames; Sigh, I’ll take them.

Thank You, Lack of Food by majinneda reviews Maka doesn’t know what to make for dinner. It seems these older brothers were the only father figures they really had.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Even all of the photography is really good. Though the people who kiss-lovve it doesn’t seem to buy into his “I’m the Devil” thing. What did Popsicles and a few dates have to do with rokyo This is really one of the better dramas. Reinterpretation of Ch37 [Spoilers] Warning: T because I’m paranoid. Lovely Simplicity by Funeral. Truth or Dare by Candy. When his father questioned the professor, the professor gave a simply ridiculous answer.