Dining room with satellite TV. House Klara with beautiful sea view and swimm pool. Views Read Edit View history. Stipina villa is perfect for family’s. Split, Croatia 61 mi away. Perfekte Lage direkt am Meer.

Small store with small bar is 3min walk. Only possible renting both apartments. In search of the apartment comes Fadila. There is one larger city in the vicinity with a vast heritage Zadar – 40km , ideal for sightseeing, as well couple of smaller towns with equally impressive heritage both cultural and architectural. Izet bought a new roofing tile for a roof of the building, because old one has collapsed. It’s situated in sunny and quiet area with sea view. Faruk and Damir find out that Izet has a testament written, but they only receive two minor gifts, while his love Spomenka is written to get the apartment and money, so the two of them call Samir in order to change the testament behind Izet’s back, but something unexpected happens. Enes leaves an X-ray of his father’s lungs and everyone then thinks that it is an X-ray of Izet and that he only has 6 days to live, so they are being really nice to him.

Izet’s twin sniiti visits. Concerned about his own appearance and Izet decides to do something about it. Izet tprenta the child to be a military man, Faruk wants to be a Rock n’ Roll singerMarija wants to be a nice barman and Damir wants to be a doctor as him. House has a swimming pool, 3 rooms, kitchen, common space, bathroom, toilet and large balcony with barbecue.

The bedroom is equipped with a queen sized bed for two. Exit to the loggia.

After eating too much, Dino has died. She opens it but she got the red moan. The house is great. Selma returned, the waitress, after finishing college. Damir comes over to Izets so they can go and bail Faruk out forgetting the suitcase full of money in his apartment, while he is at Izet’s his wife opens the suitcase sees the large amount of money decides to call her new man and she steals all the money.


A good place for families with young children which want to spend their quiet, relaxing vacation. Lud, Zbunjen, Normalan season 9. Detached house ideal for a peaceful vacation. In the Fazlinovic household democracy came. House is located in a quiet area near the sea, only 50 meters from the sandy beach and it’s especially good for families with toretna since there is enough space on terrace and a garden for them to play around and you to enjoy your time.

Additional service charges may have as be paid locally on-site, see house rules and house manual for details. Korcula mi away. Damir’s wife is shown at airport with unknown guy waiting for flight to Los Angeles.

The upper floor will be closed. There is a review of the past season and some major changes in the lifes of the Fazlinovic clan. It was actually mine field.

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The upper floor consists of two bedrooms, each with it’s own bathroom and furnished balconies with sea view. Most of the grounds are surrounded by pine trees offering guests privacy. Ako nista, bar ce ti smrditi iz usta.

Private torrent sites enforce rules where they make sure you keep atleast a 1: Views Read Edit View history. Outdoor shower, garden furniture, barbecue, children’s playground swing. Ivana went to Germany. Izet wants to see a close-up of electricity.

The next day, Izet destroys their bed and there is no other place than the radio station. Istina i laz, kao nebo i zemlja, ipak se susretnu tamo negdje na horizontu”. Because in the same day Izet had high temperature, Zumreta accidentally screws everything up. Izet goes crazy on her and leaves her. The Novigrad sea is characterised by high water quality, clearness and cleanliness, clean beaches and natural springs of drinkable water.

Ako znas gdje se krije, onda nije problem pronaci osobu koja je nestala”. This place is pefect for someone looking for stress-free quietness.


Izet bought himself chickens in order to get eggs for free because the price of eggs went up, so he would sell the eggs too.

Uzgred, dzeparenje je trka na metara sa preponama, nikad ne smijes stati”. House is situated in a small and quiet village Meka Draga.

The terrace on the first floor offers a panoramic view of the sea, while on the ground floor you can enjoy the swimming pool or a barbecue on the spacious covered terrace.

10 Najpopularnijih (NE BLOKIRANIH) Torrent Stranica za Studeni

Izet calls Refija to look after Dzema Damirs son. In the sea are plenty of grasses and it’s very stony with no sand. This video shows you how to exchange your bonus points, and shows your upload credit as well as your ratio go up.

Pebble beach in approx. Ivana’s friend, Dragana, comes to visit her and wants her to get breast implants, but Faruk wants to renew his studio and Ivana gets something wrong. That accident case means Ajna has to wear splints. Ajna and Damir wake up in bed naked with red moans on their heads.

Izet and Samir are arrested because of piano, which Samir has actually stolen from someone. Lud, Zbunjen, Normalan season 4.

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Faruk persuaded to allow them to broadcast new shows that will be called Faceless interviews in which they will welcome interesting guests from various spheres of public life. Novalja 44 mi away. The city of Zadar located 45 km away, attracts visitors with its many cultural and historical sights. The family is led to believe that they are all chasing the same girl.

She opens the drawer but hits Damir.