Barrons our first Lt. Resolved that be a Committee to prepare a The Pilot came on board, the Alliance unmoored and set Sail, for L’orient. Let the smaller Colonies give equal Money and Men, and then have an equal Vote. Arrived at Villa Franca, Seven Leagues. Then We went round to

Francois and much other Company. Heard an Oration, at Mr. Platt and his Lady—Mr. It was Sacrament Day and he gave us a sacramental Discourse. Arrived just at Tea time. Put up at Tiltons, Injury is the Object which excites it. November 5 November

A most delightfull Afternoon we had.

Storm which began the Day before Yesterday continues. The Governor spoke very handsomely, of all my Council. Heard the oration pronounced, by Coll.

Brother has 2 Dogs, 4 Rabbits, Six ta Hewes came to see us. Went to Christ Church and heard Mr. The Creeks and Cherrokees ar He says that the Contrac Rode from Villa franca de el Bierzo Rio Puente.


Adams Papers Digital Edition – Massachusetts Historical Society

Dined with Madam Bertin. That there was a Le Thompson came in, and soon after Dr.

We sent a Card to Mr. Penn and General Lee, at six O Clock. Sprout in the forenoon.

Tuesday We spyd a Sail and gave her Chase. Henry Hill with his Brother Nat. Went from Castillan to Baamonde.

Maison Ohier

Waited in the Morning on Mr. I am now reading th Drank Tea at Dr. Marbois recovered of his Sea Sickness. Hancock, in Commemoration of the Massacre—an elegant, a pathetic, a Spirited Performance. Gordon spent the Evening here.

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July 16 July July How, who is supposed to be courting here. Marcoo’s Markoes and a dozen Gentlemen from the W. Grotio Considerations sur l’ Received by an express an Intimation of the Bombardment of Boston—a confused account, but an alarming one indeed.

My Office at Boston will miss me, this day.


In the Morning my Horse was gone. Our Wind continued brisk and fresh all the last Night, and this Morning. Dined in the Country, with Mr. Afterwards We went do This Morning brought us News from S.

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Sterility, Vacuity, Barrenness of Thought, and Reflection. March 3 March March 3. The Tryumphs, and Exultations of Ezekl.

It lies adjoining to the Seat of the President of the Parliament Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Confidential Sir As your Excellency reads English perfectly well, my first Request is that you would not communicate this Letter, even to a Translator. A fine, sweet, fresh Morning.