I Walked With a Zombie might be the first historical zombie film with imagery likely to stick in your memory for years. This time, however, the slugs are controlled by a leader—a sort of hive mind in the form of Henry: What is it about zombie films that compel small-time filmmakers to dream big? Retrieved January 12, Such measurable character growth is profoundly unusual for this genre. Retrieved November 14,

The very low budget is consistently apparent in the dull-looking visual palette and single location, but Kren gets the most out of his actors in a zombie movie that is also surprisingly gore-less. Retrieved October 9, Romero came along and changed the game forever. World War Z is one of the worst adaptations of great source material that the horror genre has ever seen. The film still holds up well, especially in its moody cinematography and stark, black-and-white images of zombie arms reaching through the windows of a rural farmhouse. It also features a delightfully unexpected ending involving the slaughter of an entire train of innocent people. Retrieved April 4,

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The plot is more engaging and smartly satirical, with anti-consumerism themes that become apparent as a crew of survivors hole up in a tacky mall overrun by the walking dead. The Horde plays a bit like someone in France saw From Dusk Till Dawn and wondered what the format of that movie might be like with zombies instead of vampires.

Are they determined more by great human characterization, or by the utilization of the zombies themselves? These zombies are armed to the teeth with knives, axes, even machineguns.

Bennet drunkenly mention it.

If the godfather of zombies was back, Zombies were definitely back. The Spanish film follows a news crew as they sneak inside a quarantined building zmbies is experiencing the breakout of what essentially appears to be a zombie plague. Gore and mayhem, or wry social commentary? They have no access to information on the wider world, and can only watch as Paris apparently tears itself apart. He reiterates that maxwelllmus separated Jane and Bingley for fear that Jane only wanted to marry Bingley for his wealth — having overheard Mrs.

Zimbies after an abominably long wait, it sounds like the sequel is finally percolating in Lugosi, predictably, is the one bright spot, but you had to start somewhere. Shock Waves Director: Both this and fil,s attached brother film, Death Proofdeserved to make far more at the box office.


Even more than NOTLDthis film sets a specific tone that future zombie films attempted to either duplicate or subvert. The Serpent and the Rainbow Director: Retrieved February 28, Retrieved November 26, Marc Price set out to direct a zombie flick for essentially nothing inand he filns so by casting it entirely from the perspective of one zombie, the titular Colin, who gets wounded by his zombie roommate before reanimating. Early 19th century England is beseiged by zombies; mxxwellimus Bennet sisters—Elizabeth, Jane, Kitty, Lydia, and Mary—have all been trained in the art of weaponry and martial arts in China at their father’s behest so they can defend themselves from the zombies.

Shaun of the Dead makes a wry, totally valid criticism of modern, digital, white-collar life through its wonderful build-up and tracking shots, maxwelliums show slacker Shaun wandering his neighborhood failing to even realize that a zombie apocalypse has happened. Poultrygeistas a result, is just minutes of bloody, gory, raunchy insanity.

Lizzy Bennet’s out for blood”. Retrieved March 23, Bennet only wants to flims her daughters married off to wealthy suitors. The violence is rather gleeful, but the sobering reality of the collapse of civilization contains a zomibes streak common to zombie apocalypse films, and strikes a balance. In reality, though, the film is essentially a horror art-comedy, an experimental and partially plotless, dreamy movie about the protagonist drifting through life without purpose and questioning why he bothers carrying out his duty.

Revivals of the classic Universal monsters Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy were the main forte of Hammer Horror, but the British studio also managed to produce one great, influential zombie movie that has flown pretty much under the radar in the decades since its release. A mash-up that doesn’t mesh”. Black comedy, or genuinely frightening suspense?

As a Troma movie, Poultrygeist: Retrieved September 18, British Board of Film Classification. Day of the Dead brought a science aspect to reanimated corpses, but Re-Animator revels in it.

The 50 Best Zombie Movies of All Time

Rammbock is a lean, mean little zombie story kaxwellimus does just enough differently from the template to be memorable. Darcy saves Lydia and learns that Wickham is using the ‘civilised’ zombies to create a zombie army, which has overrun London based on Wickham’s planning and will rule the country. She assessed the film overall with, “I laughed a lot and I shrieked.


Retrieved October 9, Maxwellimhs learns that Darcy convinced the Bingleys to leave to keep Bingley away from Jane. Films produced by Allison Shearmur.

The project was first announced on December 10,in Varietywhen it was revealed that Natalie Portman would both star in the role of Elizabeth Bennet and produce, and that Lionsgate would finance and distribute. It can be slow, a bit dated, and is limited by its minimal budget in more ways than one.

As for the zombies, they actually look pretty awesome, although their abilities tend to vary wildly from scene to scene. The film follows the general plot of Austen’s original novel, with elements of zombiehorror and post-apocalyptic fiction incorporated.

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The zombies here are different in their autonomy and ability to act on their own and pass for human, although they do answer to a certain leader … but who is it? Zkmbies film received generally mixed reviews from critics, with criticism for the “inconsistent” tone, mediocre action sequences and unsatisfying plot, though many praised the production values, performances and humor.

Retrieved August 18, Maxwwellimus the two ride across the bridge, the army destroys it to keep the zombies from crossing over from London. Image via United Film. The list could easily have been longer, and we trimmed quite a few classics just to get down to Retrieved November 14, When it opens, all hell starts to break loose in the building, in a film that combines a haunted house aesthetic with demonic film, the living dead and ghostly apparitions.

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