It’s to the point where it feels almost uncomfortable at times, but I love how “real” it is. She points out that Jae Hee and Hwa Young spoke in banmal to each other. Then click on Index or just click on this hyperlink listed below: Lee Jia is really good in her acting in protraying bs and so is the actor who plays jae hee. Pink is her ideal man, but he is just a day dream. I basically wrote about how I felt about the drama at the time, how much I loved it and also went more into detail on the synopsis. Park then gets his butt kicked in tennis by Jae Hee. She puzzles over his expensive clothing and his close relationship with Hwa Young, and tries move past them without being seen.

The hidden gem: I can go on and on and on about this series. Although he was a pretty boy: Park then gets his butt kicked in tennis by Jae Hee. Because his claim of Bong Sun as his girlfriend and the kiss afterward did seem a bit forced Being with Pink Chicken is Bong Suns’ empathy when she felt downhearted and lonely. The only thing I didn’t like about this episode was Bong-sun not trying to bite off her ex’s arm when he was grabbing onto her.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: She really does feel trapped. And look how much care she had put into making her dad dinner.

But, I fpower the recap, as great as it was, missed a big point. I really like this drama Bong Ne is one of these characters, strong but vulnerable. Episode 4 went further into cementing my love for Me Too, Flower, especially with that scene of Bong-sun and her imaginary Pink and realizing just why those strange scenes are there.

Be sure to stick around, we’re in the middle of making the blog even better than before: His story is something people want to know about. It’s to the point where it feels almost uncomfortable at times, but I love how “real” it is. One one side of the bridge is her life which she hates, which she want to escape from but don’t know how.


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Meta [Happily never after] Maybe They seem like they could be roo together! I don’t think he’s comfortable using his own story to help the company, so maybe this is his attempt at coming up with an alternative.

She mumbles that his apology is probably rotten and insincere anyway. A crazy sort of love. They totally immersed episodd their respective roles and e;isode perfectly their characters as if it was real like watching a reality show. At the police station, Bong Sun presents a birthday cake to her supervisor. The temperamental BS is her outer protective ego but actually vulnerable as to her inner personality.

Rather, it was presenting all these witty dialogue, sizzling chemistry and some of the most unconventional characters in Kdramas in a realistic fashion. Email required Address never made public. Bae his designs for the upcoming launching show. I really want to see Yoon Shi Yoon in another framacrazy, I flowee him in this drama! Jae Hee pauses before informing him that Hwa Young is as special to him as the leader of the Power Rangers is to the superhero team.

Her mother’s reason for showing up and even contacting her is to make sure Dal is taken care of. The most heartbreaking in this episode is the one where BS is hallucinating that pink chicken is singing to her and then the scene suddenly dramaccrazy and she is sitting on the wall and crying. At first contentious, the relationship between the two eventually turns romantic and they fall in love.

DramaCrazyDramafeverViki Some extra pictures: Park then gets his butt kicked in tennis by Jae Hee. She deducted money for all the rules Dal broke over the past couple days, and the rest of the debt is in the envelope. I take that back, maybe his reason is actually multi-fold.

Hi orangy, thanks for the detailed recap! I surely hope this story won’t go down that road, dramacrzzy will continue to pursue the road to recovery. Filled with lots of drama and good romance: I bet that person is Jae Hee. I fell in love with this drama from the beginning.


Although he was a pretty boy: The hidden gem: Click on Taiwanese Drama.

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I goo relate to that even though my depression is nowhere as bad as BS’s. Unfortunately, a biker cuts her off and she drops her groceries. I rather like Lee Jia because of the dramas I’ve seen she’s chosen to take on roles of strong female leads that are complex.

Hello and thank you! Most single guys don’t want to get “dragged into” a relationship at first.

How can we know who he is when he is so torn? The bridge for me is symbolic of her inner desire to escape from her current life.

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It sounded like Jae Hee wants to donate the cost of the diamond bag to charity, which would be a great publicity stunt for the company. I will just say ev’ry becomes more clear after episode 6: At least he’s great at changing emotions with his eyes and mouth. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.

She has plenty of other options besides living with sulky Bong Sun. Loved, loved, loved this series. Jae Hee sees Maru and Bong Sun on duty and strolls up to them, tossing an apple at Bong Sun, which she fails to catch.

At the dinner table, Dad rips on Bong Sun for failing to obtain a promotion. She chomps on ice em walks away before he can clear up her misunderstanding.

This is exactly what I think about the the bridge thing, I think she is afraid to be disappointed again. Both of them are good.