Even if somebody is leading the jolly group towards the swamp, they willunnoticeably and merrily sink in the accompaniment of music. The men have generalized build and wearlarge uniformed robes and strange hats, turbans, hoods and so on. Thechild will grow and draw these hands already as a student at the Art School in Sofia. Completed painter still in the Art School, the artist will enhance at the Academy his picturesque characterand a wisdom visited him too early, will determine in the coming years the main topics that will engage himin the future. His reactions to what he touches, pushes or hits, especially during the last twenty years or so, have beenpoured out into in his art powerfully, differently, sometimes quite extremely with many-faced stylish and artis-tic approaches and materials. He is looking for picturesque allegorical paths to the heart of the viewer to themind of the thinking man.

The bulls of the author have another creed. Horses calm and tame; tired horses; horsesbeing killed; horses proud of their riders, beauty and haste; young horses, listening to the love whinnying ofthe mares. Thanks God that he isa master of one more magic — the magic to lighten the sorrow and make it easier to endure. He has declared war on it and punishes it on canvas andpaper by twisting, deforming and brutalizing its every move. He creates a new reputation of old characters, new interpretations of old themes. The couples of Nikolay Stoev have diverse experience.

Hebreathes the way he draws.

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The women are large-breasted with mischie-vous charm and are belted with woven aprons. The camera also loves him. The artist Keazim defends the great right of every individual hkbav be only andunique.

You just watchand stay silent and something grips you by the throat… I love to watch the faces of my artists. Dimitar Rashkov arrives — smiling, handsome, always elegant in a manner of his own. Man and bull in combat.

A man of the word and honourhe is the dreamed friend. Alas, we are deaf… One of the most imposing monuments of the new age can be seen romantichn the locality of Predela and is dedicatedto the fighters and victims of the rebellion of Ilinden and Preobrazhenie in year. You just sink in his clever, dark eyes and feel understood and befriended. Orpheus will not stand in front of an orchestra; Romanntichen Quixote does not lead an army or Donkeys, goats, and jennets, dizzy, singing the hymns of wine, and God himself is at the head.


He does this in a playful, clever, motley and beautifulway, in small dosages of paintings which give us hope, light and optimism. They jump from the clouds and women with white robes and simple artificial wings roar in the skylike angels. It creates a bundle of philosophical, emotionaland physical problems to mankind.

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There is humour and a hint of mockery towards 94 the human beings who do not observe the Ten Commandments of God. Through the material Emil Popov creates images and personalities that are especially important for him andfor Bulgaria. You paint and you are the artist of your original world! A lot of works arejust a charming game, funny adventure that provokes laugh, eases the tension.

An artist by nature, Mathew often steals away to abstract freedom. Is he philosophizing, while sitting on the big egg or is trying to hear the life inside? His watercolorworks gomantichen carry the air lightness of water paints and the heavier identity of the oil.

The first erotic couple Adam and Eve is objectified inseveral versions. You are falling in love with one or another plastic art. They are friendly peoplewho care about all Bulgarian and yearning to keep it holy and untouched for our world, even if you wish andfor the Universe. Do we need it at all?

romantichn Associations between these two authors come to me all the time. Dimitar Rashkov gets his inspiration, knowledge and power from a lot of mythological, ethnic, folklore andcultural spheres and layers, but what unites the separate components in the entire ormantichen of his sculpturesis the romanyichen, of God talent.


This is a parable painting as maybe one day the mankind will come on end exactlyin this condition — stubbornly deaf and blind. Typical are simplified fingers, especially the feet, where they are definitely missing.

Extremely frugal and simple,these still lifes have as a task to show how much is needed in the world the beauty of the little flower that youshould look in order not to tread it. You are wandering about and going round them in astonish-ment.

He does not obey another canon, except that of the Bulgarian folklore. All pagan morals, customs and celebrations entwined in the Orthodoxy of our nation — always doubting andsuspicious — are elaborated by the author in scores of detailed drawings.

DimitriusSveti Georgi St.

They are devotional, cursing, blessing, giving and taking, erotically and heretically gesticulating dependingon the inner moments of the author. The author does not follow any standards and models because he isenough powerful to create his unique women. In a smaller series of paintings Manolov thinks about the bullfight. Theysymbolize vigour, they are victors and always ready for the forthcoming battle.

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Approaching his romangichen, he has kept himself with the best that has ever faced in his life. It is worthy tomanipulate them for they promote the commercial vapidity of the day and brilliantly distract the attention ofthe crowd and snobs from what is Real.

And the love games of the romanticheb have its own poetics even when participants are rhinoceroses or man-tises. He dreams to create an enormous horse too… May the Gods show generosity.