It is possible because of the use of the computer of course. We did two of these projects, where we drilled into old buildings to create holes. With the roadway as an axis, the housing development extended in two great wings, somewhat greater in width than in depth. And Seibu group had great power in culture. A very small child, like a baby, does not know the difference between a sign and a figure. The illusion of infinite repetition, rather than making more real what is being repeated, takes it toward a sort of vanishing point.

Although it is obvious what their subject matter is — tower blocks at night — these works are gorgeous abstract studies of ghostly light shining through concrete and steel. They tried to rebuild it, but they could not. You had Expressionist, but at the same time you had anti-art movements, such as Dadaism, and Surrealism. One is a photographer, anjai, and one is an architect, Suzuki? These fascinating spaces, we know, will disappear back into anonymity once the light source is removed. So I just tried to make a photograph without thinking anything. But also some people not as well known, both architects as well as artists. NH Very good discovery!

RH You are drawing like an architect. In Mexico City, you cannot walk around at night. Have you heard about this? Well it can be both, or either. RH Someone mentioned to me that there is a professor in Tokyo who is working on trying to make people invisible. Can you imagine, there was a museum inside the department store! So with that, I thought I would start with asking a question which I have not seen addressed in previous interviews and writings, and then we will noaya see where things go from there.

Illusion and critique, tricks of sight and rigorous thinking, come together in his photobook, Scalesin which models of New York buildings displayed in Japan and China form two series of photographs. None of the earlier architectural works was part of this show. For instance, last year and this year, I was working in northern France on Slag Heaps.

It was all ordinary enough at first glance, but when one focused on the distant landscape, people seemed like fanciful reflections. And actually, it was an awful thing to hatakkeyama these disordered mish-mash ugly things to foreign people. And I enjoyed that. NH So during your stay, what is the most favorite thing you have seen?


Only the fronts of the buildings, facing the road, were painted white, and the colour stood out against the darkish green of the sides, emphasizing even more the geometric character of the view. RH Good, a challenge! RH That is interesting, so what you are saying that this point is here, and that point is there, but they look very similar. The beginning of my photography was the encounter of my photography teacher in the University.

Could you explain what you meant by this?

So, the lure of many games are changing accordingly. NH The influence of the Bechers was great to Japanese photography, for the world of photography.

Naoya Hatakeyama

What is on the cover? In the 21st century photography, I mean the future of photography, I have no idea what it will be like. No expression in the face. After I graduated from my school, I had no work, so I asked my sempai, my friend, who was already working in Seibu Depato group. I began to wonder, with photography, what is interesting is it freezes time, it stops the moment, and I began to wonder, is there any difference here?

RH At the Venice Biennali, he constructed a structure with super thin carbon members.

Art in Context – Naoya Hatakeyama: Slow Glass > Additional Information

But I saw his huge balloon project. Courtesy Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo. We are very interested in projects that are about removal; about creating through subtraction, rather than the typical architectural act of construction.

Viewed from the perspective of the photographers who in tracing photography to its origins seemingly sought to dissect the very medium itself, those who borrowed pre-established, socially constructed values in making their works could only appear to be intellectually lazy, hayakeyama to use an old turn of phrase, lacking swries self-criticism.

He talks about the difference between being on a bike versus walking. So I was interested in ylass you documented this large mine facility in Germany. Of course, the Bechers photographs naooya beautiful, yatakeyama images documenting the architecture on the site. The photographer took each photograph of each time, of small details. But if you, there is, one thing, luck, just nature, maybe with that man, the notion of nature does not exist.


So, even if you take a photograph in that way, you can have a perfect image. But as far as we human bodies exist, hataeyama must be some aspect of materiality, or physicality. At the beginning, you were talking about your own interests, your interest in the edge of the field, you mean the edge of architecture in your case.

But every step closer to completion takes something away from us…It is in this very paradox that architecture comes into itself. In the same year that Scales was published, Hatakeyama had an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura, in which he showed his architectural works. But I did not know why I was working on Lime Works. One day, my boss heard that Joseph Beuys was coming to Tokyo, and that he would open a 1-month show at the museum, the museum which is run by Seibu Depato.

RH So you did not enter as a Photography zeries People who know architecture looking at photographs or through words do not know this.

RH Do you think that is a good thing? How exactly was it used and what did it refer to?

RH Did you do some of this photography? So you can say this is the beginning of a building!

Let there be light in the urban darkness

And Seibu group had great power in culture. It was as if I were looking at some patterned infinity: Actually, Toyo Ito is making buildings completely by computers. If you have object and subject, in traditional art the subject was very important, but in avant-garde art the subject became a big question.

RH Ok, just a few more questions.