She confesses that she snuck out, but lies about where she was. Natasha gets up to pay for his order. Natasha gives a big sigh of relief when Michael leaves and smiles when she gets a message from Ivan: Tash lies through her teeth that she works as a talent scout and books them for fashion shows and magazine editorials. Home and Away 17th Novemberr HD. Number 32 Tash tries to sneak into the house but hides when she hears her father. Eden University They’re ready for another round of drinks and Bethany insists that it’s Natasha’s turn to shout. She makes a sick face and blames it on food poisoning the night before so Mike agrees to take her home.

Must have been while I was having a cold shower. And she didn’t tell her dad that. And now, this fine young detective has a lot of enemies. It is one hell of a front page. Number 28 Karl arrives home and the mood is still frosty. Neighbours Episode 9th July Home and Away 15th September Mike is on the phone asking someone to fix the amenities at the school, and as he walks into the lounge room, Tash sneaks into her room.

Natasha gives a big sigh of relief when Michael leaves and smiles when she gets a message from Episoode Shortland Street Episode 8th Julay Number 32 Chris lets himself in and assures Tash that he didn’t tell Michael, but he is annoyed at not being told he was an alibi!

Shortland Street 6174 Episode 16th February 2017

Summer apologises for being in the way while Susan apologises on Karl’s behalf for being grumpy and not adjusting. We did discuss this earlier.

Home and Away 17th Novemberr HD. Eden University Tash confesses her age episodee starts to leave, thinking that Ivan doesn’t want to see her anymore. It’s just, haven’t really had a real story for ages. He does the same for the ham, but when he tries for the cheese, Susan snatches it off him. Summer stops him and approaches Susan herself.


Neighbours Episode 6 january HD. Naina meets her end when she comes across a group of horrific looking ghosts, while she is approaching her car at the parking area. Home and Away 15th September Neighbours Episode 21th May Andrew tells Susan about Summer’s worries but she assures him that Summer is not causing any trouble.

Home neighbpurs Away 8th October HD. Recap – Susan inviting Summer to live with them – Karl being surprised at Susan’s offer – Tash feeling left out by Andrew and Summer – Chris telling Tash off for meddling in his business – Tash lying to Michael about being at Chris’, when she was actually going out with a fake ID. And she didn’t tell her dad that.

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Tash smiles and confirms that she is fun and also likes a good time. He knows I’m 17 and he doesn’t care. He was giving me this. Oh what, too heart- warming for you?

Home and Away | Episodes 6174-6175 | 16th April 2015

All recent searches episodf be deleted. He wants to know what’s going on but Tash sticks to her story about being sick. Lassiter’s Complex Summer complains to Andrew that she feels like she’s intruding at number 28 but he thinks it sounds as though Karl is being uptight. You’ve been had, mate. There’s been whispers about people getting into things they shouldn’t.

Suse tells Sum that it’ll just take some time and Susan will sort it out. Kids who think you’re a rat.


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She goes to the bar and orders lemonade and beer and after scrutinising her ID, the bartender hands it back without fuss. I thought we were having pasta. It is one hell of a front page. So do you get to, like, eliminate the ugly girls like they do on TV? He whinges about not having a better system in the mornings because of the amount of people in the house and Summer looks awkward at having overheard the complaint when she walks out.

She quickly emerges 61774 having changed into a robe and a turban to look like she’s just had a shower, lying that she had to come home from Chris’ because neigjbours forgot her shampoo.

Embed the video Neighbours Episode 27th July Shortland Street Episode 15th April Spotting Susan, he wants to go over to have a word because he doesn’t think that the Kennedys should invite Summer only to make her feel like she’s intruder.

Number 32 Tash tries to sneak into the house but hides when 1674 hears her father. Susan realises how much it has bothered him so she apologises and they hug, and all seems well.

Neighbours Episode 27th October What was he dropping off to you before on the street? Yeah, something along those lines. Karl finally tells Susan his problem: Neighbours Episode 27th July 3 years ago 76 views. Andrew approaches them wanting to talk to Susan episofe not to his father.