The Taha-Machas are brought out from different toles of Bhaktapur. It is a typical Nepali festival. Those families who had death in their homes within a year were supposed to bring their cows, decorate them and start the parade. You can listen to some comedian Gaijatra songs or Gaijatra Mp3 Songs. Thefamily who has lost their loved ones within a yearbuys the cow. King Pratap Ma l la a powerful King of Kathmandu lost his beloved son untimely, which left his queen inconsolable.

So gai Jatra always falls on first day Pratipada of bhadra Krishna Paksha fifth month of the Lunar calendar. As gai jatra comes people. According to the mythology of Gaijatra tradition, the sacred animal of Gai Jatra festival helps departed souls cross the cosmic ocean in their journey into the after-world. So it gave the opportunity to the third gender and the LGBTI society to show they are also the citizen of the nation. He had constructed numerous artistic sculptures specially of himself where he was portrayed as lord Krishna. Those who had a death in their family within a year. There is a tradition among the Newar community that whoever has lost a family member must participate in the parade. We worship animals, trees, soil, raw thread of cotton to the sun.

I am so proud to say Gai Jatra is the one festival celebrated only in Nepal. He was a kind of lusty heartthrob king at the time. Those who cant afford the cow put the mask of the cow on the Young child of their house.

The festival there is celebrated for seven days till Krishna janmastami the day when lord Krishna was born. He ordered for the procession of cows in decorations. So the chariot taha macha is wrapped around by the hakupatashi and the photo of the dead ones are placed in front of the chariot.

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Though it used to be celebrated amongst the Newars in kanthmandu only. The water was brought from the holy rivers all over Nepal and India. We worship animals, trees, soil, raw thread of cotton to the sun. But the queen was still grieving. So it gave the opportunity gsijatra the third gender and the LGBTI society to show they are also the citizen of the nation. The hard-disk drive, better known as the hard drive, is one of the most vital components in a computer.


In recent times Shisnupani Nepal organised the special program.

The great architectural land marks are his creation. Inthis festival no one is left behind. More Posts from this Category. In ancient times it was considered to be the festival only of Newars residing in Kathmandu valley. It was started by king Pratap Mallasomewhere in A.

Nepali comedy ” Gaijatra 2071″ युट्युबमा अहिलेसम्म सबैभन्दा धेरै चोटि हेरिएको नेपाली प्रहसन ।

It has become the festival of the artists. The longest period of gai Jatra is celebrated in bhaktapur. Television, radio, magazines and newspaper are also soaked in the color of gai jatra.

Kantipur was ruled by the gaiiatra artistic and literary king Pratap Malla. They were ordered to bring the carnival of cows and children on the street.

Patashi is also the newari word for saree. She had to slap the joirnalist. You feel excitement during this festival. They are beyond any lists and recognition.

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Whereas those who lost their loved ones may be able to move forward with peace and not lay behind with sadness coedy mourning. The main contribution of his is the buliding of the artificial pond called Rani Pokhari Pond of the Queen. The main goal of the king was to show the Queen that there were others too who had death in their family. Gai jatra is the summary of disorder of society seen in a variety of ways and numerous recent incidents.

The female artists are not left behind either.

The famous artists where crowds of people go to see the performance are Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya. The source of the latestt at the time were not TVs or internet. The day was celebrated to console his wife in the death of their son. Gai Jatra is 8 days festival in Nepal. You are planning to make holidays trip to Nepal during the month of August, you will get the pleasure of Nepali Festival Gai Jatra.


People in modernising and expressing their feelings have been a little too much. Recently Manoj Gajurel is the one who is doing very good in the field.

What better would be the day forthem and for us to show them how rich we are in our tradition. Common people also express their frustrations toward the condition of the the nation.

When the queen watched the rows upon rows of people dressed up in weird attire and masks parading in front of her window laughing, joking and merrymaking of even the elite family, she came to realize that grief and loss were common to all human kinds.

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Though one day but it helps them to take a break from their hectic schedule. Since then the incident came into being as an annual fiesta. Satire those whom they had the problem with.

The sons of him were each given one or two years of time to rule the nation. It has become the festival of freedom of expressing.

So the king ordered all his citizens to start the procession of the cows with decorations. Now the celebration is not only limited to the mourning families. Although it lasts about eight days, the first and second day of this-this festival Gai Jatra is supposed the most important. He has not only criticised the national leaders but also international figures like Donald Trump and Narendra Modi.

So the gai jatra was celebrated from that time.