But the conversation was soon being cut-off when Nowaki saw the face Hiroki made He then thought a lot about his reactions around Nowaki and rendered them weird; his cheeks and body became hot, and his heart pounding like mad. His heart constricted when he thought he had hurt Nowaki like this, but he couldn’t bear being with Nowaki again, after he realized what the other guy meant for him. Hiroki got totally embarassed at that and stuttered incoherent things. I thought it was perfectly clear. Nowaki answered that they planned to head home, in which she quickly said it was boring and offered them to go with her and her friends I’m not quite sure, because she said ‘we’ but there’s no other voice aside of her Oh how Hiroki wanted at least two centimeters more

Hiroki wiped his tears while wondering why they were there in the first place. The kanji was similar, as ‘Kami’ in Kamijyou also could means ‘up’ and ‘Naka’ in ‘Nakajou’ could also means ‘in’. DX I keep forgetting to log in! I’ll download this drama cd now. Wasn’t it great that the girls like Nowaki? Or just the order for the Junjou Egoist tracks? After all, when you broke up with her you cried didn’t you? Aikawa had finished all of them!

Please tell me you will make one for Junai Egoist2 and 3 because I have looked everywhere and nobody else has posted anything!! Thank you so much for translating!

I should’ve get this up for I’m not a native for Japanese and English too and I’m a beginner. She said that her son should be home soon right when the doorbell rang and said son came home. I got nervous, blushing, and all!


Hiroki refused because he wanted to know NOW. It made it easier to pick up on what little Japanese I do know Which is very little! I can’t wait and please take your time I don’t mind waiting!

Must be that some ysi servers were down. This is my nwaki guess based on what I know of the manga volumes, this is also how it was released, to the best of my knowledge. The ones I listed are the full cd names. Nowaki started to feel awkward and Hiroki felt he was being left behind.

I have to continuously remind myself that this is not ‘Junjou Egoist’ Hiroki answered her questions shortly, all the while wondering why she was there in the first place. Nowaki climbed yiroki bed and in no time he was in deep slumber. The topic then shifted to Hiroki’s aim.

He hurried up and left, leaving Nowaki and the girl alone. All the while pondering his own feelings.

Junjou Drama CD

She then asked who was that cool tall guy. A person like Hiroki was better off alone until death. Hiroki came to the professor’s office and was assailed with mountains of books.

Nowaki is his total opposite, always polite and calm. He had done his best about his homework because he wanted Hiroki to become this tutor. It’s like I’m in love with him! Nowaki kissed Hiroki twice and forcefully pushed him into the bed. Nowaki offered to go to drink something warm.


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My guess is the continuation of both the Junjou Romantica and Junjou Egoist stories like the earlier Romantica dramas: I bet this is what everyone is waiting for: But I guess this story is fluffy and sweet enough not to mention the sex scene, it was HOT, I have to fan myself from hearing Hiroki moaning.

D I’ve downloaded the raws and the CD dramas.

Hiroki replied curtly that he had something else to do, and he just remembered it. Links DeviantArt Tumblr Fanfiction. Nowaki didn’t buy it and continued to chase the other. He had used his thesis as the excuse.

Junjou Egoist Manga + Drama CD – Scene 7 [HEADPHONES NEEDED] – video dailymotion

I realized I’ve fallen for you. So thank you for writing this I can’t wait to start listening to and looking at the pictures for Junai Egoist 2. Hiroki then asked what should they do that day and huroki told Nowaki to sleep because the younger one said that he stayed up until late to finish the homework.