You are commenting using your Facebook account. And for daring to touch my precious Tsurara, Tsuchigumo must surely die. Gyuki’s past is revealed. Some time later, Nurarihyon again appears in her room and he takes Yohime to the Nura Clan hideout in order to introduce Yohime to his comrades. No question about it, Tsuchigumo is a badass. Rikuo in his human form hides his true feelings so that his friends won’t find out about him. Rikuo and his clan land their damaged ship on a river in downtown Kyoto. To Nue’s surprise his body starts to fall apart.

And even than, she was far away from them and they spent most of the time fighting. Hidemoto then arrives and tells the Rikuo and his Night Parade what they have to do to defeat Hagoromo Gitsune. Hagoromo Gitsune’s host is revealed to be Yamabuki Otome, Rihan’s first wife. Nayrael October 11, at Tsuchigumo leaves so he can gather his strength to challenge Nue. Rikuo’s training is ongoing.

Akagappa refuses to help them.

Elsewhere, Inugami abducts Kana and holds her hostage, however, she is rescued and Tamazaki slaughters Inugami. Before she dies, Yamabuki Otome reveals that as part of their plan to eliminate Rihan, Abe no Seimei and Sanmoto Gorozaemon used Soul Rebirth on her and manipulated her memories. Resting at home, Rikuo dreams of his father and grandfather. Back at Fushimi Nari Nuraihyon spots Hidemoto as he reflects on the past, and as he does this Hidemoto nurarjhyon that Tsuchigumo is more like a disaster than a Youkai, he must be avoided at all costs, later commenting that he merely tricked him into being sealed after he ran rampant on Kyoto.


Trust me, the manga gets pretty amazing after ch. Rikuo’s training is ongoing. Kana nurrihyon to follow them since she’s jealous of the relationship between Rikuo and Tsurara.

Impressed by their tenacity, Tsuchigumo retreats to Sokokuji Temple, taking Tsurara as a hostage to ensure that Rikuo will come after him. The Supreme Commander is still missing and while listening to Karasu Tengu’s hysterics, Rikuo tsuchugumo pulled back into a memory of being given a threat.

Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou – 14 – Lost in Anime

On the way he was tricked by demons into going the wrong way. Next to that it was also kind of interesting tsucihgumo see Hagoromo-Gitsune move forward as well, finally making her way to Nijo Castle in a rather elegant way before heading down to the depths to give birth to her child. Before he and Mamiru leave, he tells Yura the purpose of his visit. Unfortunately, Nue has finally come out of his cocoon.

List of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan episodes – Wikipedia

Gyuki’s past is revealed. As night falls, Rikuo transforms into his “night” form.

In rage, Tamazaki tries to kill Rikuo. The battle between Tamazuki and Rikuo carries on past the break of dawn, when Rikuo usually returns to his human form. BTW aren0t we going too far into the spoiler teritory?

At night Jiro spot Sodemogi who tries to curse Kiyotsugu. She was taken into Rihan’s house and when conditions were right, she killed him. The Whole Story [3] ” Transcription: Webarchive template wayback tsuchugumo CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Wikipedia articles with incorrect tenses Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor.


He easily brushes Rikuo’s defenders aside and is about to kill Rikuo but the sun sets and Rikuo takes on his night form. Nurarihyon rushes to Osaka Castle to save Yohime. But Yura isn’t fooled by her disguise and informs Rikuo. Nurarihyon orders Gyuki and his fellows to delay Nue. Retrieved July 10, Afterwards, Hidemoto and Nurarihyon discuss matters and estimate that they have about a year before Nue returns.

Yet in this episode he was made to feel powerless, unable to do anything as his friends were crushed before his very eyes. This article does not follow Wikipedia’s guidelines on the use of different tenses. Seems that this nurarijyon is about rewarding the viewers patience with some dark, shitjustgotreal part of the plot.

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Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou – 14

Feeling nurarrihyon, Tsurara tries to commit suicide but Rikuo and others came in a nick of time. Believing that Rikuo can’t move as fast as before, Ryuji attacks him but it was a ruse and Rikuo counters. After Lord Sodemogi’s demise, the Shikoku Yokai plan to kill Rikuo, but the bloodthirsty Inugami gets impatient and goes after Rikuo on his own.

Suddenly, Tsuchigumo appears before the allied forces looking for a challenging foe to fight.