Verdi chose the French, drama Le Pasteur, by Souvestre and ‘ Bourgeois, because it treated a powerful and noble human theme, a ‘ welcome change for him from the card- board-and-paste melodrama tics of” standard romantic opera plots. Justice Ronald Mart- son. There were rumours in Israel last week that Bin-Nun was an Egyptian prisoner but’if this were so it is likely that the Egyptians would have jubilantly announced the fact The commando raid thus relieved the ground troops at one of their major worries. Last season, Kafifi Nd-. The walls will not join. Call anw to view ttwaa lovely gultai: Everyone it seems will be walking about in tight belted tunics, boots to enhance the manly calves, and size 38B cast iron brassieres.

When Irina finally persuaded the investigator, Georgyi Ponomarev, to. Motor racing Ferrari to host meeting to resolve dispute Maroneflo, Italy, Jan- ‘ Page 2 Namibia plea: It would be unforgivable to ignore the deeply, rooted causes that bave given rise ro the present state. Here, With Fairelougb acting as toe more advanced striker; DalgHto could be a provider, which- he enjoys. The battle was like Actium in that the side that initially had the upper hand was defeated because of tbe weather and other factors. Cook ih reux on a low heat lor minute or two,, then gradual!. He bas a side of limited ability, committed to a constant battery of speed.

Another priority for to Council of Ministers was the’ alarming economic and social situation In to Community,’ with right million unemployed, stagnating economies and excessive inflation rates. kittle

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The proposed legislation would guarantee parental access to the record of assessment, of- their’ child’s special educational, needs, to comment on the record when littlf draft, and for the record to be subject to an annual review by the local education authority. Lias Registration for Summer and Fall by appointment for current students. The implication appears to be thar the “Chancellor will find himself under less pressure in seeking to put forward figures for public borrowing consistent with his medium-term strategy than looked likely recently.


Bennett Princes, Paris, on Saturday. Sanctions against South Africa to enforce the United Nations writ in Namibia would, in any case, almost inevitably merge into.

Use rags, rug cotton, nylons. So far, so entirely sane, ax” intriguing. Russell Smvthe coped well with the bass villain Garibaldo and Catherine Savory sang Unulfo tastefully.

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The storks Insisted a grandson at this time would serve notice on the world that the President intended to continue his strong pedicles in world affairs, while tha doves argued that If the President had a granddaughter It might set tha climate for a more viable foreign policy. In fact, he played the principal military role in a fratricidal coup 16 months ago when the leftists took over.

Letters will be sent shortly to inform those concerned. Olav Arnold, president of rhe Leeds Chamber’of Corn- increase could be cbe last straw for a number of companies. The event waa just another postscript to toe Arab-lsraeli war.

Excallam condition all around. Mr Alfred Dobs Wandsworth, Battersea.

Press reports are untrue when they say Mr Younger has been discussing the future of Talbot with a Japanese or any other foreign car company.

That exempts all legislation passed before the Act from its luars, and means, the commission says, that several anomalies exist. The pitches in Antigua are prepared by the prisoners.


That way, you’ll keep your good credit, aad actually have mnra of ynur paycheck far youraelf each week. Brailovsky took a fresh torn, madder than anything that had gone before. Hatoum was a Druze, a member of the warlike He has a 30 handicap like his sister.

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On a day when there were many other meetings, 56 MPs turned, out and half of them spoke. Punitive expeditions Vendee in failure, often without ever having dared to attack.

S0 Profiles in pastels The reviews of their lectures in Market. Mark Donohue scored with three minutes left at Dover a whole week In dro, Calif. India, readily take the law into their own hands.

He spoke In reference to the rising coat of education. Canada won the Canada was not willing to j Jl. Bernard Thomas physiotherapistG. The radio, although srate- Tun, does not necessarily ref]Set government opinion. Caught rit base front labor altuation. Ii had stopped a terrorist bullet from hitting him.

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Impossible to stand an when wet Is “definitely an exaggeration. One story goes as far back as tbe middle of -the last century. Leak at the Scute. The precedent that would be set is totally unacceptable.

Katherine Mackenzy, for instance, makes a convivial Snug, a timidly, ferocious Lion, and between whiles promenades prettily-as itz Attendant fairy. He livea at Jura.