Later, after Takeru uses his Modikara to ease Ryota as he stands by the sidelines, Ryunosuke is confused when Mako turns him down. The Gokaiger characters make their debut in the film Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. The Brides are Spirited Away [ edit ]. Not wanting the vassals to risk their lives for him, Takeru changes and fights the Ayakashi by himself. The next day, as Jii pretends not to show concern for his master’s disappearance, Chiaki and Mako see through him as they are discuss the troubles Takeru goes as Ryunosuke and Kotoha overhearing them. Confronting Juzo yet not intending to fight him, Genta pleads with him not to take back Uramasa. When she attacks with a group of Nanashi to bring the Shinkengers into the open, Shinken Red is protected by the others against his wishes.

While the vassals spend their leisure time at an amusement park, Takeru trains to master the use of the Kabuto Secret Disk by making his Modikara twice as strong. Fiction about psychic powers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Fiction about murder Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Japanese crime television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The next day, the Shinkengers learn that Genta went out to track down Juzo, and Ryunosuke and Chiaki going after him as the others face Akumaro. At the Shiba House, everyone gathers for a New Years party, the first lively one in years. But Shinken Blue takes the intended hit only to be brought under Hitomidama’s control as well. Upon meeting the four, Takeru gives each one a chance to back out of his service, and when all four decline, he gives each one a Shodo Phone. The Shinkengers learn more about Mako’s childhood before Mamoru again tries to convince Mako to quit the team and move to Hawaii.

Each episode is also titled entirely in kanjiwith furigana readings given for each.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Returns

DaiGoyou samuria battles the enlarged Sogizarai, holding off the Ayakashi so Samuraihaoh can be assembled to destroy him. List of Kamen Rider Decade characters topic The characters of Kamen Rider Decade exist amongst various iterations of reality within the series referred to as an A. First, the Shinkengers appear in the jidaigeki “Lord’s Log of Notable Events”, fighting a group of samurai, shortly followed by a Western showdown betw This film, television dentai video-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it with reliably sourced additions.

Member feedback about Tensou Sentai Goseiger: The group use Tenku-Shinkenoh to fight Sasamatage with Shinken Gold arriving in Daikaioh to quickly destroy the Ayakashi as a young woman witnesses the battle. Sxmurai is taken back home by the vassals to celebrate their victory and tend to his injuries.

As Shinken Red and Shinken Blue spar with the others watching, amazed at the latter’s abilities, Doukoku commends Juzo for saving Dayu as he reveals he is interested in taking on Shinken Red himself.


After giving it thought, Chiaki gets an idea and starts to train himself as Takeru undergoes his own training. He also provides the Japanese voice for James Bond in the films and video games starting in the mids.

As Kotoha feels guilty engoish not being able to keep Eri safe, she suddenly notices that Eri has a thin white band around her wrist that was dpisode previously there. On their way to find Hiro, the Shinkengers are ambushed by Happouzu and several Nanashi.

Genta arrives, but Yumebakura puts him to sleep, then uses him as a gateway to Dayu’s location. Later, after Kaoru leaves him with the task of continuing the Shiba House’s fight against the Gedoushu, Takeru bids farewell to his friends: Member feedback about List of Power Rangers Samurai episodes: Using the shamisen as a shield, Akumaro overpowers Dayu until an enraged Doukoku arrives in the mortal world to kill him and the Shinkengers even if he dies in the process from rapid dehydration.

By then, Juzo arrives as Takeru resumes the fight against Jii’s pleas. Afterwards, Chiaki and Kotoha discover that their teammates’ souls have been imprisoned inside a Maneki Neko statue Takerua piece of sushi Gentaan electric fan Makoand a cheeky figural Ryunosuke.

Tokufanatic: Samurai sentai shinkenger(completed)

Having gained significant respect for her, Chiaki carries Kotoha on his back when everyone returns to the Shiba home.

The Abusive King [ edit ]. After Samuraii sucker punch nearly kills Mister Brown, Shinken Blue launches the first assault against Hachouchin, and the other Shinkengers follow suit before Hachouchin takes all five down easily. While having breakfast, the Shinkengers learn that the Kajiki Origami has been sighted at the Funabuta Coast as the Ayakashi Yamiororo appears.

While the Shinkengers are battling the Nanashi, Narisumashi assumes Episodw appearance and taunts them. While Takeru and the other vassals are preparing a surprise birthday party for Kotoha, Genta sees that the Ebi Origami is almost ready to be mobilized. The CD also features karaoke tracks of the main series’ insert songs. As Takeru, Mako, and Ryunosuke catch up to Chiaki, Juzo arrives and tells them that they can enter the Sanzu River by giving up their humanity and becoming Gedonin, just as he had.

Though the two men attempt to prove that they are able to fight in light of the literal sticky situation, they are told to stay behind. Still angered, he runs off to fight Juzo, subbef, with Mako in tow. Archived from the original on Doukoku nearly kills Kaoru, but Takeru covers their escape.

Elsewhere, Akumaro ambushes Genta and Chiaki, placing them under the influence of the ash that he has created, and Juzo attacks Shinken Red and Pink, noting that Takeru has become weaker upon valuing his life over that of fighting. Following the others, Ryunosuke and Chiaki watch their teammates fall into Mochibetori’s trap.


Member feedback about Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Returns: The Stylish Combination [ edit ]. Meanwhile, Shinken Blue and Shinken Green enter the Dream World to bring Yumebakura back into the real world to awaken his victims and break his hold on them.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Episode 23 English Subbed – The Rampaging Gedoushu

Genta quits the Shinkengers, promising to provide his team with a replacement. By then, a rnglish explosion of energy from the ceremony destroys the block that separates Earth and Hell, wounding the Shinkengers and Juzo with Dayu barely escaping as Akumaro makes his way to the slit that opens up the way to Hell.

He transforms the Ebi Origami into Daikaioh and, with assistance swntai DaiTenku, destroys Utakasane, freeing all of the souls to return to their bodies. After nearly losing to the vengeful Ayakashi Hyakuyappa before he falls back into the Sanzu River, Takeru is confronted by the Vassals and Genta confront Takeru on his reasons for turning Genta before Hyakuyappa resumes his attack.

On September 2,Toei applied for trademarks on the title to be used on various products. Coming to, the Shinkengers find Demebakuto once more and defeat him again.

The next day, Futagawara resumes his feeding eppisode as the Shinkengers arrive to face him and attempt to regain Ryunosuke’s Shodo Phone, However, Juzo and Dayu arrive to prevent the Shinkengers from defeating Futagawara, allowing the Ayakashi to eat even more. This list is for shinkengeg series with more than twenty films in the ssentai. At the last second, Juzo arrives and takes Takeru while exposing himself to Genta. The Kabuto Origami [ edit ]. Rin Takanashi is part of the gravure idol group, Pink Jam Princess, with four others.

Dayu reveals that she knew that the Shinkengers would try to stop her, so she dispatched a second set of Nanashi to kidnap the real bride. After defeating a company of Nanashi, Takeru becomes annoyed when his retainer, Hikoma Kusakabe, affectionately called “Jii”, implores him to find his four vassals to fight alongside him, instead of fighting on his own.

Chiaki berates Kotoha for believing herself to be so lowly, and she runs out. Some time after, the Gokai Galleon a Super Shinken Red also destroys Happouzu, who has the intent to destroy the Ushi Origami now that it cannot be under his subbd.

Upon their arrival, Genta stays outside the building with Aya as she eventually reveals it to be a trap.