Basic Health Statistics Module is used for collecting information about the health status, risks and indicators across the country. In the modern era, Turkey once again has an opportunity to regain its historical role, as the state where today’s geopolitics of energy coincides with Turkey ‘s traditional geopolitics of water. Meteorological and geographical data latitude, longitude, altitude, month, mean sunshine-duration, and mean temperature are used in the input layer of the network. Of all the women interviewed, Modeling of particle size distributions showed a tri-modal fingerprint, with the three modes centered at 0. The present study was performed to determine the status of adolescents immunization and to investigate the effect of several socio-demographic factors on immunization.

Full Text Available Thalassemia and abnormal haemoglobins are a serious health problem in Turkey. As long as healthcare waste is mixed with municipal waste and not segregated prior to disposal, costs will increase substantially. In , the MOH and the TNHC made an inventory of all recorded patients with thalassemia and abnormal hemoglobins in Turkey , registering at least patients. The world’s most expensive motor fuel gasoline, diesel and LPG is sold most likely in the Republic of Turkey. We used random effects Poisson regression to account for clustering of CLAB rates within hospital across time periods. In the last part of this work, suggestions to become widespread and improve the distance education in the country were made. As the throughput capacity of the only existing healthcare waste treatment facility in Istanbul, Kemerburgaz Incinerator, has already been exceeded, it is evident that improved management could not only reduce overall flows and costs but also permit alternative and cheaper treatment systems e.

However, financial liberalization attempts both internal and external without having macroeconomic stability lead to financial crises in many developing countries.

The net energy consumption is in the output layer for two models. Highest counts were obtained in March, April and June. In this study, attempts have been made to determine the brand personality dimensions of cities based on the assumption that cities also have brand personality.

Similarly, R 2 values for testing data are equal to 0. There were Jewish refugees from the Spanish Inquisition, Hungarians and Poles fleeing revolts inand those of Turkish descent and usually from the Balkans.

In this context, 81 citiesin Turkey are grouped with sixteen health indicators which is assumed to demonstrate the effectiveness of health care services, by the years of The State Planning Organization’s estimate of labor surplus for was 2. This article related to a made-for-TV movie is a stub. The main goal of this study is to develop the equations for forecasting net energy consumption NEC using an artificial neural-network ANN technique in order to determine the future level of energy consumption in Turkey.


Using the survey method, proceedings and turquw publications issued by the USA, England and Turkey between and were reviewed. Age, gender, place of living, educational level, family size and turqus status was investigated in the study subjects. This result can be used for preliminary land use planning by local governmental authorities. The crude death rate dropped from Two rectangular walls were defined, one within and the other perpendicularly, in the basement structure of the Zeynel Bey tomb, and a cemetery was identified aligned in the east—west direction at the north side of the tomb.

The uasmine commends to prevent haemoglobinopathies and serke treat all patients with haemoglobinopathy and thalassemia.

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It is found that the best performance is achieved for the third-order polynomial model based on sunshine duration and clearness index. There is a strong policy discourse at local and national level in Turkey that ascribes considerable economic benefits to new construction activity.

As to the foundation of the cityStrabo relates that three brothers named Athymbros, Athymbrados, and Hydrelos came from Lakedaimon to Caria, and founded there three cities named after themselves.

Today, these forest complexes are mostly of coppice origin and as such, they require implementation of reclamation operations.

Full Text Available Objective: Regression analysis of the results obtained after subjection of the original non-irradiated sample to irradiation doses of 3. The transparent 3D half bird’s eye view of the GPR data set also determined the buried walls outside the tomb.

MBC 4 launched inis a Pan Arab television channel targeted towards women and young Arab families. Seroepidemiology of varicella-zoster virus infection in a cosmopolitan city Erzurum in the eastern Turkey. Thus, chemical reactions may be capable of producing new compounds.

The methodology used in this research using descriptive qualitative approach the study was on the one door integrated permit service of Samarinda respondents in Samarinda the mayor yasmnie of Samarinda the citizen private group of government agencies and interests.


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Formalization, professionalism, accountability, transparency and social responsibility have been identified as the factors about the institutionalization of organized industrial estates in Turkey according to factor analysis. Political considerations play an important role in treatment where security threats outweigh humanitarian need.

It is important to know the potential e-waste amount and the behaviors of people in the production of e-waste to realize a proper e-waste management in our country. For women, the wage difference is smallest, Elder Abuse and Neglect in Turkey: A Study on Auto Repairmen in Turkey. The authors provide a survey of the some of the major healthcare IT infrastructures in Turkey. Comparative analysis of some bioecological characteristics of Hungarian oak and Turkey oak.

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However, it could be said that organized industrial estates which operate in 80 cities of Turkey and more than one are in some cities are not at the same level of institutionalization. This study recommends limited liming and solar drying as an alternative to only-liming the mechanically dewatered sludge.

This article provides an overview of the Turkish electricity sector reform and defines some problems that may affect the reform success. As being a professional occupation, development of nursing is affected by technological advancements in other fields.

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It is observed that two metropolitan municipalities do not have official Facebook accounts, four metropolitan municipalities do not have an official Sswach account as well.

Meteorological and geographical data latitude, longitude, altitude, month, mean sunshine-duration, and mean temperature are used in the input layer sawacy the network.

A reasonably accurate knowledge of the availability of the solar resource at any place is required by solar engineers, architects, agriculturists, and hydrologists in many applications of solar energy such as solar furnaces, concentrating collectors, and interior illumination of buildings.