She heads out to try and rally people for the cause, but they all dismiss her soundly, knowing that Yong-ha is behind it. During one such test, Yoon Hee is discovered to be perpetrating the illegal activity by the morally upright Lee Sun Joon Park Yoochun , who threatens to turn her in. It’s a date then!!! Yoon-hee explains with a laugh that even for Yong-ha, he was especially awesome today. She ran away from his side and into the library, but Sun Joon was hot on her heels. I shudder at the thought. Yong Ha — flirting with a prostitute, buying her clothes..

The king has found the container holding the geumdeungjisa — only, he claims the geumdeungjisa was not found inside. Good drama does that to me. But I bet she’s going to demand that he court her like a respectable lady for a while before she finally accepts him. But most importantly i would have liked a last glimpse of the quartet dynamic since it really was what the show was all about to me. He will not give up his dream to move the capital, however. Thank you for valuing filial piety to a pretty great extent. We can do the get together on Thanksgiving weekend

Yoon-hee searches the shrine, but comes up empty handed.

Episode 20

They knew that the scholars would be meeting at a certain time, but they weren’t kwaan where. Lee Sun-joon Ah-in Yoo I want to ask: We probably can go visit Jae Shin’s tree too Thank you all for the awesome recaps!

Right now as I’m writing this, my blues were gone, but as I mentioned in an entry a week ago, I had bad blues then. Which has been the one roadblock between me and dramas in general. D i’m holding off Mary’s one till sub for ep 2 is released! Btw, I found this link on MJS and thought of sharing it with you and hopefully can help you with the withdrawal pangs RoastedSweetPotato November 11, at 7: Would love to use that line someday.


He glued the quartet together, and was always there to save the day. There was this one scene where yongha high-fived yoonhee and then proceeded to do so with jaeshin but got ignored, i don’t think it’s in this episode but that doesn’t matter.

Not the world that a man must build through what he learned in books, but the world where I want to live. Yong-ha approaches In-soo in the schoolyard, and throws down the gauntlet. P As for our main leads, they were both professors at Sungkyunkwan. Yong-ha is doing his best blocking the door and keeping the Confucian scholars locked up in their room.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Wikipedia

That last sequence, when SunJoon pulled out the red book, was hilariously awkward. Honestly, I thought this part was quite funny, because I don’t get why Yoon Hee would go back to Sungkyunkwan just to fix a eplsode. Yoon Hee actually got caught because the emperor wanted to make episodde that she was a female. I never intended to watch this series but coz of you guys I started and now I’m sad the series is over So is SKKS perfect?

Im Yoon Jung Supporting Cast.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal 1-20 (Final)

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. The emperor burned the Guem Da Ji Sa and told Yoon Hee to at least remember him in her memories, so that he could continue to live on in her memories.

Although this is like two years agoooo but omggggg Gul-oh why are you such a background hero! She ran away from his sunf and into the library, but Sun Joon was hot on her heels. Jae Shin and Yong Ha were drinking when they heard that Minister of War had gotten all the scholars sinopsia gather on a day, which coincidentally [or not] was the day when the emperor was kwwan to reveal the existence of Guem Da Ji Sa.


I really like the friendship they share and it’s the thing that hits me the most. Macam-macam pekerjaan pernah dilakoni Kim Yoon-hee, bahkan pekerjaan ilegal seperti menjadi joki dalam ujian untuk meloloskan peserta aslinya masuk ke Universitas Sungkyunkwan yang sebenarnya hanya bisa dimasuki pria.

Ohemgee November 11, at 9: If you episofe at it in that light, daddy Sun-joon’s decision makes a lot more sense. Glad we’re on the same faction! Jaeshin saw Sun Joon and the first thing he said was “If you dare to be so arrogant again, I shall ignore you forever. She stands in his path, hands stretched as far as they reach. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Episode 6 by Helcat. Suddenly, In Soo rushed forward and grabbed Cho Sun into his arms, thus protecting her. Thanks for your comment. Moon Jae Shin will always be my favorite!

Yes, he disliked him and did things to him so that he wouldn’t be so idealistic, but the idea of murdering Jae Shin’s brother and her father didn’t occur to him. Of course the following morning, Sun-joon is disgruntled that Yoon-hee chose to sleep in a room full of boys, and this leads to more cute bickering.