His cafe latte with owl latte art is very popular with female customers. This is a story about you. Urashima, an island far from the mainland. Her powers can come in handy for his yakuza business, but he also runs the risk of her using them on him! Episode Late night at Kikka University when all the students have gone home for summer break. Tonari no Ikemenzu Completed Bundled with Hiiro no Kakera Taizen, a comprehensive illustration book on the six-year history of Idea Factory’s Hiiro no Kakera romance game franchise, the OVA reveals the private lives of the five main characters. Late night at Kikka University when all the students have gone home for summer break.

By the living dead The visitors include denizens of the other world, and customers seek out its excellent “Toriaezu Nama” ale and cuisine. Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Hope you enjoy this new fandub! Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Princess Mononoke Dub Completed When an Emishi village is attacked by a fierce demon boar, the young prince Ashitaka puts his life at stake to defend his tribe. Episode Urashima, an island far from the mainland. Mitsuyoshi helps her and brings her to his grandfather’s coffee shop.

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And she has to learn that hate and attraction are often not that far apart. In the early 20th century, the discovery of the substance Cavorite allowed the production of advanced military technology and steered the country toward conflict. The dark elves rule over a race of monsters that has raided human lands for generations, capturing and defiling their women. Instructed by the village elders to travel westward for a cure, Ashitaka arrives at Tatara, the Iron Town, where tamatori finds himself embroiled in a fierce conflict: Unfortunately for Kido, it doesn’t stop here!


Episode The usual mornings. Of course the government does not know of their existence, because their appearance does not differ from humans.

Episode The daily life of up-and-coming female mangaka living together in a dormitory. Thus, their manager, who is a magical girl geek, then decides to turn them into an idol unit. The new season embarks on a new story with Aichi and Kai returning to take up the helm as main protagonists. Jealousy, hatred, scorn, compassion, and love.

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Yuuto Suou gets more than he bargained for when he joins his childhood friend Mitsuki Shimoya in testing out an urban legend. I own NONE of the anime and the song s used.

Unfortunately for Kido, it doesn’t stop here! After battling Valt Aoi, he became inspired to become the No. Pastel Memories Sub Latest: They all share one wish: Her school life is interrupted by two fairies, Pafu and Aroma, who give her a Princess Perfume, which mysteriously matches the charm she was given eight years ago! No djb All rights reserved.

Watch Princess Principal Episode 3 HD with English Dubbed at AnimeCrazy

The story takes place in Okinawa, where Haruka forms a beach volleyball pair with Kanata. Not to mention, if she doesn’t use her powers, she will eventually go berserk and destroy everything around her. Boruto Uzumaki is often the center of attention as the son of engish Seventh Hokage.


Episode Space Battleship Yamato Sorry for the inconvenience, hope for your supports.

Domestic na Kanojo Sub Latest: He thwarts the plans of evil spirits who live to torment humanity. Mahou Shoujo Site Sub Latest: Vampires seem to be living among humans.

Hikari has transferred schools and is now away from Karen. With the fate of the world in balance, the kingdom of Melromarc summons these legendary figures; in modern-day Japan, the call is answered, and the unwitting heroes are transported to this fantasy universe. She then resolves to become as good as her savior, hoping that one day to recognize him by the scar on his back. Now resembling a modern metropolis, Konohagakure has changed, particularly the life of a shinobi.

Urashima, an island far from the mainland. Episode OVA Special episode bundled with the 9th volume of the manga. However, just before the marriage was to take place, the girl’s younger brother mysteriously committed suicide by self-immolation and was found holding an old book in his hands.

These five boys are then dragged into a battle for the heir of lrincess magical kingdom, Honila Land