Very distinctive Nix writing style. Julia and her brother, Paul, are spending a day by the beach when they discover a midden heap. Paul and Julia are on holiday and are strolling along the Australian shore when Julia finds a rag doll. It turns out to be a powerful and evil witch , and it possesses Julia and spirits her away through a pyramid of fire. Well, in the mind of Garth Nix there exists such a creature of pure evil. But she lived, and the Patchwork King restored everybody to their worlds as if nothing had happened.

Demi Chew – Girl Trainee Lead. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Chris Peters – Katie Support. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Feb 19, Teresa rated it did not like it. And it was a well done story of that type!

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I also enjoyed the quirky characters they met especially Quigin who can talk to animals, sort of, some of the time and the simplicity of the storyline. E As it says, I started but did not finish this. Although she is much more courageous than Paul, her war is one of the mind, resisting the power of the Ragwitch from within the witch’s body. Tense Tips on technique 7: Children and Young Adult Literature portal.

The Ragwitch

Dec 24, Suzanne rated it it was ok Shelves: He was always complaining, and I was hoping to see that he grew from his complainyness and became stronger as the story went on, but that didn’t seem to happen as effectively as I would have hoped.


Jan 14, MargaretDH rated it really liked it Shelves: I kind of feel like it has a Coraline vibe? Even if whiny characters are the bane of your existence, I think that in this case you will find yourself making a happy exception for Paul.

And for those of you that had previously forgotten about those, you are welcome. Nix does do a great job of creating a new world and using a mix of traditional and new mythology to enrich that world.

Just personally wouldn’t want to find any rag dolls lying around after reading this. Aug 07, Jefferson Smith rated it it was ok. At the same time, what remains of Julia is trapped within the body of the Ragwitch – her own body perverted into a horrible, unkillable doll’s body.

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Julia and her brother, Paul, are spending a day tye the beach when they discover a midden heap. I feel that the Ragwitch story dragged on and had a lot of unessessary plot additions, and a lot ragwitcn unbelievablely lucky and slightly annoying circumstances. Mar 31, Lauren Tupper added it Shelves: As the story develops, however, we learn how she became what she is, and it’s a journey any of us could take – and looking at some of our leaders, many have.

The Ragwitch is essentially a pretty classic fantasy quest, with horrible creatures, tasks that must be completed just because, and a big bad evil. This article about a s fantasy novel is a stub.

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There’s also a fair amount of character growth for both of the main characters, and Paul really endeared himself to me by never failing to be slightly dismayed by having to sleep on the ground. He lives in Ragwutch, Australia, with his wife and two children. Read more Read less. But the Elementals sure did.


It was pretty good overall though.

My only real complaint is that there seemed to be a lot of sleeping and being unconscious to make time pass. The Lost Abhorsen Old Kingdom. Troubletwisters The Monster I wish a raagwitch more time was spent with characters like Aleyne and Lyssa. Julia is already under the control of the Ragwitch.

Once I began reading the book had me under its spell and I couldn’t put it down. You may not reread it, but it’s worth reading once.

Still, if you’re a fan of Nix, I suggest you pick this up anyway. It’s hard to believe that they are by the same author, although as others have written, this is his first published work. Garth Nix adds a ferocious edge to Paul and Julia’s adventure. Oroch, for example, is a pretty creepy character — Nix moviw tell us what he looks like under his bandages, but the implication is enough.

Paul and Julia, mere kiddos, show great strength and also such humanity when they are frightened.