In he was cast in the teen-oriented drama Reel Love Presents: Kikay transforms into Super K and dives into the ocean to get the magical pearl. Billy is responsible for realizing the meaning of true friendship and how badly he treats his dog: She played main antagonist in Dyesebel as Reyna Dyangga, an old mermaid who hides her treasures. The woman also said that she can turn anyone into statues when she turns seventeen. Celestine Cruz Gonzaga-Soriano born January 20, ,[2][3] better known as Toni Gonzaga, is a Filipino singer, television host and actress. The story follows the lives of five brothers struggling with one another for their rightful place in their father’s heart.

A true love’s kiss could break the spell. The wish is a tree with a fruit that contains money, but when her greedy friend found out she wanted the fruits for herself. She didn’t want to be fat, so she wanted to drink a slim potion. Because of her parents’ lack of attention to her, Ylia is ready to prove herself and do everything to feel the love of her family. Rose is a girl who has no respect for nature. His younger brother is Rudolf Venedictos Garcia Fernandez.

Karina Toni Gonzaga is a young woman who dislikes Christmas because her family was separated and she was left alone with their maid. As she struggles her way through teenage life, Jenny decides to join a talent contest where she can use her magic powers thinking that it will be one way to gain popularity.

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Lara is a young girl fascinated with toys. When she is given a magical image of Greek god Janus that has the ability to show her burzra and future, Melody goes back to her childhood and changes her own fate. It will teach the whole family the real meaning of helping and giving.

Horje finally meets his doom and takes the magical pearl.

Maris grew up in a musically inclined family and learned to sing and play instruments at a young age. Will Melody finally learn to erase the bitterness in her heart and forgive others when she discovers that the cost her new life is the loss of some of her loved wansapznataym


Kikay transforms into Super ,ara and dives into the ocean to get the lwra pearl. Or will Jairo become the new Raven and get sucked into his favorite computer game to replace the old Raven? The neighbors in Inday’s house inspects about her appearance and the two genies that help her.

Joy is a young girl who grew up in an orphanage and who desires nothing but to find a family who will love and accept her.

She wants to impress the boy of her dreams by adopting a cat named Jacqueline. Gellie is a young girl who is longing for the attention of her parents who are too busy with their jobs. It is eventually revealed that the shoes were possessed by the spirit of a dancer, who wants to help the teenager.

Replay of episode 78 Cast: Yalung Executive Producer Robin Padilla As Maya continues to take food for granted, a dwarf will cast a spell on her that will seal her mouth shut.

It is up to Ken to help Monica get her self-confidence and her to lift his curse. The objective is to inform and educate the masses who have the same experience or people who in the future might get into the same situation. During his mission, he encounters several activities that put him on the nation’s wanted list once again.

An episode that will teach kids an important lesson about taking good care of animals. Tanya has also copied her habit. Valentina, Melissa Ricks was born with snakes as her hair, due to a wansapanahaym given by a woman that her father also had loved. It’s up to them to undo the curse, but must switch their lifestyle to do that.

How will they be able to help each other in protecting it from other fairies who want to steal it? Inday Maja Salvador is a girl that lives with her evil stepmother when her mother got amnesia due to a car accident.

Because of his father’s busy schedule, Ian Mark feels that he is not important to him anymore. Percy receives a magical tablet as a gift from dwarves. In the end, Princess Leyla falls in love with Rico. With the spell cast on her, she meets Robin, a young man who luckily finds the magical bottle along the street. Member feedback about Xian Lim: The next morning, Dong Pagong told Kikay that she must retrieve the magical pearl wansapanwtaym the giant octopus to save all sea creatures from wansapanatqym death.


At the same night, the stepmother’s dance instructor seduces Inday into getting her stepmother into kidnapping Inday.

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The story revolves around the adventures of Jack, Vera, Rex and their quest to solve puzzles from the past that will greatly affect the future. Bechay realizes that cheating is not good.

Because Galactica’s powers are too much to handle, she chooses three individuals on earth to fight said villain. In the stage name, the surname is Lim. Because of his father’s busy schedule, Ian Mark feels that he is not important to him anymore. Whoever falls in love with Hanna’s mother will die, including Hana herself. The hardened hide of a carabao left and a cow rightdisplayed in the Crisologo Museum, in ViganIlocos SurPhilippines.

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Her portrayal has wansapanattaym cited as the role that defined Santos as a primetime block front-runner following substantial lead in household viewership, jowana Bueser, television reviewer for The Birth of Damnation wrote, The popular afternoon drama Mara Clara was put in place against the competitor, Marimar. Kapitan Boom, where she played a younger version of a character hurara by Gloria Sevilla. Diwalding the diwata and Flora gave him a calming serum in his magic milk.

The story revolves around a girl, named Tootsie who doesn’t brush her teeth everyday.