Full Cast and Crew. It is narrated by Alec Baldwin and Sean Pertwee, and documents a space journey from Earth to the edge of the universe itself. Share this Rating Title: The detailed descriptions of the various planets, stars, nebula, and black holes were all there. Nigel Henbest , Billie Pink. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. A journey through space and time.

Nearly every star you see and don’t see has at least one planet that orbits its host. Edit Cast Cast overview: A Spacetime Odyssey is a must-see documentary and offers a fresh look into what Carl Sagan wanted to teach us. Cosmic Journeys This explores the cutting-edge stories about the origins of the universe, black holes, exploding stars, the search for ET life, and the nature of the planets. We may only be an advanced breed of monkey, living on a small planet, but we are able to contemplate the universe as a whole, which makes us very special. Alec Baldwin , Sean Pertwee.

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The Universe History Channel The Universe is a History Channel documentary series exploring the wonders of the universe and the advanced physics concepts in the fields of cosmology, astronomy and astrophysics.

Sit back, grab a snack and a cold one and enjoy this fine flick. Perhwee Did You Know?

Read our privacy policy. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Walking into this title I was uncertain due to it’s completely CGI approach to rendering the various celestial bodies that inhabit our universe.

Bearing in mind I have my own views and ideas on origins, this film was still hands down an excellent production. How cool is that? The probe has already delivered photos of Pluto and is expected to send back more data that is sure to capture our attention.


Journey to the Edge of the Universe – Narrated by Sean Pertwee – video dailymotion

Full Cast and Crew. The still-operational spacecraft has been taking extremely high-resolution images of space and timeoften leading to breakthroughs in astrophysics such as measuring the rate of expansion in the Universe.

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Some docs focus on incredible graphics and stunning visuals. In this documentary, Stephen Fhe tries to explain what science can tell us about the meaning of life through physics, philosophical discussion,and Hawking’s own unique scientific The Universe is fascinating.

Anyone interested in learning about the Universe is also likely to be interested in aliens. A Personal Voyage This is a thirteen-part television series presented by Carl Sagan, covering a wide range of scientific subjects including the origin of life and a perspective of our planet in the universe.

Edit Cast Cast overview: I watch this all the time, it teaches me and it helps me to sleep sean pertwee version. Is Time Travel Hte Many documentaries have been made on the subject, but Out of the Blue is considered to be one of the most comprehensive films looking at the possibility of life on other planets.

Books and Films – Journey to the Edge of the Universe

That is just OUR galaxy. If you want to see the awesomeness of space captured by different telescopes, including Hubble, you should watch The Age of Hubble. Which one of these documentaries about space is your favorite?


Some documentaries mentioned in this list are somewhat unscientific and speculative projecting the values and opinions of the makers onto the wiever. Entertainment Watch This Space: Using computer generated imagery and images from spacecraft and the Hubble Space Telescope, Journey to the Edge of the Universe explores what we would find if we were able to travel the entire length of our universe.

I’ve heard nothing but good things! Because, as William Shatner once suggested in his role as Captain Kirk, space really is the final frontier. Trivia The multi-colored tunnels which are shown when surpassing long distances in short time are actually wormholes. On Disc at Amazon. I really enjoyed the episodes the Big Bang, Galaxies, Supermassive Black Holes, and especially the episode Stars as it shows size scales of other stars dwarfing our own.


We may only be an advanced breed of monkey, living on a small planet, but we are able to contemplate the universe as a whole, which makes us very special. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Incredible images from the telescope were transmitted univrrse scientists after it was launched into low Earth orbit in