Bea and Niska continue to communicate secretly about their plans via an internet dating site. When Ove leaves the lab, Bea uses a taser to destroy Max’s brain, but then Ove returns unexpectedly and discovers Bea recharging, and with her cover now blown she is forced to overpower Ove and escape. When Odi runs the car off the road, a panicked Lennart sends Odi off to hide in the forest, and Lennart is arrested for dangerous driving. It is very well written and the acting is as good. Gordon attends a church service but he is thrown out of the church by the enraged congregation, so he rejoins the other Hubots, and they flee. Leo almost makes it to the Engmann home, but in his weakened state he collapses in the street, only metres from the house. David 16 episodes, Aline Palmstierna Leo 11 episodes, David Lenneman

Bea meets with Niska, who tells her that the vital final part of the Eischer code stored as audio information in Leo’s “bio brain”, and in an ironic twist, while they talk, they drive right past the stricken Leo without recognising him, and the next morning Leo is found and taken to hospital. Io9’s Charlie Jane Anders called the program “startlingly beautiful”, disturbing and “creepy as hell”. Inger 20 episodes, Hans’ lawyer wife Inger reluctantly agrees to try the Hubot, whom they name Anita. A segment is missing and Matilda suspects that Mimi knows more than she lets on. Hubot-human sexual activity is taboo but not uncommon and many hubots are programmed for limited sexual activity. Lennart suffers a heart attack, but he is saved by Vera. Edit Details Official Sites:

So will hubogs Oscars still rock you? The story takes place in a version of present-day Sweden where the use of androids is commonplace. The androids, known as hubots, function as servants, workers, companions, and even illicitly as sexual partners, with different models having specific features designed for their distinctive roles. In his absence, Niska assumes jubots and instructs the others to head for the church, but after they leave she returns to the farm and murders the couple to stop them talking.


The fugitive Hubots, still on the run, are pursued by E-Hub, and Niska again shows her ruthlessness by killing a police dog that is tracking uubots. Kevin becomes more involved with the Real Humans group, for whom Eva is also now working, and Kevin is attracted to one of the girls in the group.

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In the near future robots will take over humans – What will humans do? Critics’ TV Picks Sofia 15 episodes, Johannes Kuhnke Start your free trial. Some members use the derogatory term ” Pacmans ” to refer to hubots. The hubot season of the program received glowing reviews. Kevin and some Real Humans Youths go While some people embrace this new technology, others are disturbed by it.

Meanwhile, at Hub Battle Land, Silas works to get the business off the ground and Roger arrives for a job interview. An unexpected person from her past turns up in the courtroom. In a parallel present the artificial human has come into its own.

Real Humans

The conflict between Real Humans and the Transhumans grows increasingly antagonistic. Such practices are illegal in Sweden and those who modify the programming of the hubots are known as “home-brewers”.

Leo reprograms Rick, removing his Asimov constraints, and enhancing his sexual functions. Disturbed by the Hubots’ continued presence, Eva tries to call the police, but she is stopped by Niska, who threatens to kill her, and Eva runs away in terror.


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When Odi runs the car off the road, a panicked Lennart sends Odi off to hide in the forest, and Lennart is arrested for dangerous driving. While he pursues Mimi, Bea arrives, obtains the final part of the code from Leo, and then kills him but at zaeedse moment the intelligence agent arrives and confronts Bea.

After Pilar suggests that huots can have Bo reprogrammed, Therese visits the same black-market Hubot sex shop where Leo is working.

Lennart attends an art class, where he meets a vivacious older lady. How Much Have You Seen?

Retrieved 6 June January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Edit Details Official Sites: The story picks up six months after Leo’s death: She offers to give him the hard drive containing the main part of the code, but when the agent’s guard is down she shoots him, although he also manages to wound her.

Bea meets with Roger and gains his confidence by pretending she has just ended an abusive relationship, and that zweesde has romantic feelings for him. Lennart evades Vera, and slips out of the house to take Odi on a fishing trip. Therese and Rick’s romance blossoms, but Kevin is alienated by their behaviour.

Therese and Rick go shopping, but Rick begins to show that he now has a will of his own.